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Is The Young and the Restless being canceled? Here’s why fans think so

Victor and Nikki on The Young and the Restless.
The fate of The Young and the Restless may be up in the air. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless may be in jeopardy after 2023.

For months, rumors have been rumbling about the show’s fate because of the writing and the unexpected back and forth with some of the pairings.

A spoiler account on Twitter has revealed some unsettling news that hints Y&R viewers should be worried about what’s to come for the CBS soap after 2023.

It’s still at least a year away, but planning ahead is typical for soaps, and if this account is correct, it means the end is near for the people of Genoa City.

Will The Young and the Restless be canceled?

On Twitter, Spoilergirl1 tweeted about a possible loss of The Young and the Restless.

She wrote, “I have some news about the future of #YR Sony may not renew YR past 2023. No decision yet if they will renew it or distribute it to another network.”

This account continues to give out information about CBS soaps, The Young and the Restless, and The Bold and the Beautiful. She has also posted a lot about Big Brother and continues to drop “spoilers” as she gets them.

What’s happening on The Young and the Restless now?

Currently, The Young and the Restless fans are gearing up to watch a custody battle unfold between Devon (Bryton James) and Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Chance (Conner Floyd). It is an odd situation since Devon was the sperm donor, but the baby belongs to Chance and Abby.

Billy (Jason Thompson) is still working on sticking it to Adam (Mark Grossman) and Victor (Eric Braeden). He’s going all the way out, including pretending he’s fallen off the wagon and drinking and gambling again. It looks like his plan will hit a snag when Victoria (Amelia Heinle) catches on. Will he be able to throw her off, or at the very least, convince her to keep quiet?

There are plenty of storylines and possibilities to keep The Young and the Restless running, but will the current writing team be able to keep it going?

Spoilergirl seems to think the writing is on the wall, and the CBS soap may be done after 2023. It will join a long list of now-defunct soaps that have died off over the last two decades if that happens.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. Please don’t cancel young and restless, I love that show. Can you just get a new story line in there? Like have Devon and Amanda have a baby?

    • It is the same old story over and over and over etc. Same old couples. Story lines are ridiculous. You could lose Victor. I quit watching months ago. You could watch twice a year and still know what is going on.

      • Don’t be a fun sponge. Some of us like the day to day episodes. For me it reminds me of time I used to spend with my grandmother watching the show. More nostalgia than anything else but it could continue on. Why not!? As if stuff like Big Brother or other reality tv shows are worth it? These soaps have covered a lot of current topics over the years like Sharon’s breast cancer as an example.

      • I totally agree. The storyline has become insufferable! I have stopped watching completely. At first I was just behind, but I found myself not really wanting to see any more of it. I’m sick of this whole Baby Dominic stuff! They have dragged it out so long it’s nauseating. Then there’s the same thing with Billy & Adam. Here’s a thought: come up with a much better storyline before everyone jumps ship!

    • I would like it if Noah helps his sister by donating his sperm to Tessa to have his baby as I think he is still in love with Tessa! This is what show needs then I think it might have more followers! Sharon needs to stop talking about Adam to, he is still bad news! I think Billy & Lily are right to let Victoria know what is going on to show what Adam is still up to as well! Billy & Lily should get married too! We are not a bunch of people who like all these non-married couples living together either! So lets get some couples married already please! Thank you Joanne

    • I fully agree that Devon & Amanda get married and have a child of their own! I also think that Noah should tell Tessa &that he will volunteer as donor for Tessa to carry his baby!

  2. Here we go again with the speculation that the show is being canceled. no real, solid reason why given… no real proof given…. Completely lazy writing as usual.

  3. Y&R is solidly in the #1 ratings and has held this poaition for 30 plus years. They arent going to cancel a show that high in the ratings and if they do they will have millions of fans revolting against sony and cbs

    • Please don’t cancel the young and the restless and bold and the beautiful I love those shows so much been a loyal fan for many years 😥😥😥

    • I do not care what they say about when Y&R started as I was watching it when my oldest son was born February 11 1967 and still swear it was 1967! It was anew soap opera for it’s time! Right was shortly after Search for Tomorrow or Guiding Light & it could have been under a different name if the Bells could remember their research back then and I was 19 years old too, if you are wrong then say so! But, I will swear on my dying body it was 1967 that I saw Victor on TV.!! Would could forget that Mustache? for crying out loud? before that I remember Victor when he and first wife Julia were still married and Victor had her boyfriend locked up in the cage in the basement of their home! It was long before Nicky came into the picture!

  4. I watched Young and the Restless plus Bold and The Beautiful since they came on the air, but I completely QUIT watching when they got to stupid, wish they had better writer and adding so many people you could not make since of. Changing story lines that true soapers knew was not right.. Time to end SOAPS.

  5. I have watched Y&R since day one. It will crush me if it cancels. I look forward every day watching it and wish I could watch 24-7. I’m obsessed.

  6. Why would you give spoiler sites any recognition at all?
    Y and R isn’t going anywhere.
    It continually wins numerous daytime Emmy awards each year.
    We are unfortunately in an era of complaining about everything, and creating a false buzz just to get attention.
    You fell right into the trap,
    Be smarter in 2022.

  7. I stopped watching when the new episodes came out after the pandemic. The writing was awful. And I have been watching since the first show.

  8. I think they are better off writing “A FINAL EPISODE and end the story line. It’s actually getting old with the same ppl sleeping with the same old partners and changing up between them FIR YEARS!!

    • i agree —too much sleeping with each other time and again — silly stories, sick of the baby story—- only like the new marriage with With Victoria and seeing her well acted happiness. Bravo to her! I love the Adam character and Sally has become very good in her acting and character.

  9. so sad watched for years but need new writers story lines so boring and the couples go back and forth with each other so predictable.move on

    • I agree I always like this show but now with Nick and Sharon looking at each other and boring Abby stuff I can’t even watch it.

  10. I wasn’t thrilled on how they left the fans hanging and not finishing up on the New Years Eve drama-I guess that means that we’ll all have to hold our breaths and watch that unfold on Monday, Jan. 3rd! Also the tension between Abby and Devon! Really! She should just let him be more involved with baby Dominic-There wouldn’t be a baby if he hadn’t stepped up and been the donor! It didn’t seem like Chance had a problem with Devon. Maybe you can have Amanda get a little closer so that Devon can have a kid of his own-Just saying!

  11. hate the back and forth Nick and Sharon looking at each other move on Abby stuff very boring. Get some new stories this back and forth is sicken

  12. Sony is not about to dump The Young and the Restless. They make to much money for them. Maybe everyone would like to move out of California. Come to Florida.


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