Is Tamara Braun returning to Days of our Lives?

Tamara Braun as Ava Vitali on Days of our Lives.
Could Ava be headed back to Salem? Pic credit: NBC

The Days of our Lives rumor mill is in high gear after a perfect storm of soapy events has sent tongues wagging. Could this series of events set the stage for the return of Ava Vitali to Salem?

Yes, we know, Ava as last played by Tamara Braun is “dead.” That’s soap dead, not really dead.

So in other words, Braun inhabiting the character once again is definitely not impossible. What is the series of events that could point to her return?

Tamara Braun is playing Kim on ABC’s General Hospital, but Kim is traveling a dark and illegal path. Her teen son Oscar (Garren Stitt) passed away recently and this has led her to do all sorts of unconscionable things, namely trying to date rape her ex by poking him with a horse-sized syringe pumped full of drugs.

Kim has no ties to town now. Everyone is urging her to go get help, which she needs. Her exit from General Hospital would not be shocking.

On Days of our Lives, Ava’s son Tripp (Lucas Adams) is about to depart the canvas, possibly in a bombshell manner. This would be enough to get her to the perimeter of the town.

Her baby daddy, Steve (Stephen Nichols) is set to return to Salem, which would get her into the city limits. Ava is obsessed with the guy, and her death was due to her antics trying to get him back and ruin his family.

Steve’s son Joey (James Lastovic) killed her in a fit of rage after she nearly killed his mom Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). Steve confessed to the crime to spare his son. But in the end, Joey’s conscience got to him and he took the fall. He’s doing the time for his crime as we speak.

Having Braun back on DOOL would be fantastic as she has tons of scintillating story to play out as Ava. Will it happen?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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