Is Peter returning to General Hospital? Here’s what happened

Wes Ramsey as Peter on General Hospital.
Peter is back on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital just dropped a major bombshell on viewers. 

Just when they thought that Mike (Maurice Benard) would be the one who was seen after the preview video dropped, something no one expected happened. 

Everyone knows that dead on a soap doesn’t always mean dead for good. Despite Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) best attempt to keep Peter’s (Wes Ramsey) body hidden, there were hints about his return when it wasn’t in the freezer recently. 

Is Wes Ramsey returning to General Hospital? 

The simple answer is yes. He appeared at the very end of today’s General Hospital at the Tan-O. He was lurking behind the bushes as Maxie (Kirsten Storms), and tomorrow, it looks like he will approach Nina (Cynthia Watros). 

We now know that Mike will, at the very least, see Peter. What transpired between those two is unknown, but now that Peter knows he is alive, his next moves will be very important. 

What will Peter do now? 

The idea that Peter is alive isn’t as surprising to some viewers. Wes Ramsey never did a departure post when the character “died” onscreen. Typically, actors share final thoughts with their fans or confirm their exit, and he remained silent on the topic. 

There are several varying opinions about the character. Some love to hate him, while others just purely hate him. Peter’s demise was highly celebrated, but in the back of some minds, it was known that he would pop up again at some point. 

When Anna (Finola Hughes) and Jason (Steve Burton) couldn’t locate the body Finn and Elizabeth placed in the freezer in the secret hospital lab, that raised suspicions about whether he was really dead.

Peter lost plenty of blood from the fall down the stairs, and both the doctor and the nurse were sure he was dead. So, how does he appear up and seeking Maxie again? 

Rumblings have surfaced that Victor Cassadine is headed back to Port Charles. Perhaps he helped get Peter back on his feet? After all, anything is possible. 

With Drew (Cameron Mathison) coming back, all of the pieces fit. The biggest question now is when will Peter be found, and what will happen when he is? Maxie has done so well staying away from Louise, but with the thought that he is dead floating around, she may just overstep and lead him straight to her daughter. 

To find out how all of this unfolds, be sure to tune in daily. 

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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2 years ago

I can not believe you are bring back peter . And Sonny and Nina story line was very boring.And of course Ryan is to jump out of his wheel chair and Cyrus is going to break out of jail .So general hospital is going down the drain think I am going to stop watch because I already know whats going to happen