Is Nikolas Cassadine returning to General Hospital?

Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassadine
Could the prince be headed back to Port Charles? Pic credit: ABC

Nikolas Cassadine is one General Hospital character that fans loved to hate throughout his time in Port Charles. He could be the charming prince who loved whoever he was with or he could be the vengeful grandson who was like his grandmother in more ways than anyone cared to admit.

Tyler Christopher vacated the role of Nikolas Cassadine back in 2016. He is currently appearing as Stefan DiMera on Days of our Lives, which begs the question – could he return to General Hospital even if the writers wanted him to?

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When viewers last saw Nikolas Cassadine, he was falling to his presumed death on Cassadine Island. Everyone blames Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) for his death, but some fans aren’t sure that he is even really dead. After all, he has faked his death before.

Yesterday, Laura (Genie Francis) encountered Valentin, and the subject of Nikolas came up again. Could this be a foreshadow of a return in the works? Some General Hospital fans believe that the Cassadine prince will be back in Port Charles sooner, rather than later.

Right now, Tyler Christopher is on Days of our Lives, so it is unlikely that he would return. Nick Stabile took over the role briefly, and General Hospital fans appeared to like him well enough. Could he be tapped to return to the show in the role he stepped into?

With November sweeps on the way, a return from the dead appearance is just what soaps love to pull. Talk of a possible Morgan revival has been making the rounds, and now, Nikolas Cassadine is a possibility too? Only in Port Charles!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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