Is Liesl Obrecht leaving General Hospital?

Kathleen Gati as Liesl Obrecht on General Hospital.
Liesl is planning to head to Switzerland following Nina learning the truth. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital characters are still reeling from the reveal that Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) is not Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) daughter. So much so that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) looks to be leaving town and maybe even the country. He should probably look into interplanetary travel the way Nina’s been looking at him.

Does this mean that Liesl is leaving Port Charles, too?

She doesn’t have much to hold onto, except her guilty conscience.

Then again, she has smarts and insight and these could lead her in the direction of finding out the truth about Nina’s daughter. If so, it would help redeem her to Nina who at this point, doesn’t yet know she was in on the secret. We all know the truth eventually comes out, even on soaps!

Liesl and half the town, or so it seemed, knew that Sasha was only pretending to be Nina’s daughter, but that she did ultimately come to love and admire the woman.

Yesterday, Valentin confirmed to Liesl that Nina’s mother said Nina did have a baby all those years ago and was subsequently adopted.

This leaves all sorts of open-ended questions about who and where Nina’s daughter is.

In the meantime, back to Liesl!

If Valentin is indeed planning to take off and lay low for a while, Liesl could easily order him to make arrangements for two. Does anyone not do what she demands?

What is certain is that Liesl is hurting almost as much as her dear niece. She hates seeing her in this pain and would surely move heaven and earth to help her. Plus it was her sister who perpetrated this whole fiasco in the first place.

It makes sense that Liesl may leave Port Charles and head to Switzerland to get to the bottom of this sordid mess, make Nina happy again, and perhaps stick it to Valentin in the process.

Will this ultimately happen?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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