Is Eric Braeden leaving The Young and the Restless as Victor Newman?

Eric Braeden as Victor Newman on Y&R.
Eric Braeden talks retirement after a recent health battle. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden has spoken about his future playing Victor Newman on the hit CBS soap opera.

Eric has played the iconic character since 1980.

However, the rumor mill has been buzzing lately that at 82 years old, Eric is headed for retirement.

That would mean Victor either leaving Genoa City or having the character killed off because there’s no way Victor can be recast.

Eric addressed those rumors earlier this week.

The good news is that Eric doesn’t see retirement in his future for now.

What did Eric Braeden say about retiring from The Young and the Restless?

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Eric clearly stated that retirement isn’t on the horizon for him. Eric had the best response when asked if he plans to leave the hit daytime drama for a life of leisure.

“No, h**l no, no, no,” he expressed. “I’ve known friends and colleagues of mine … athletic friends of mine who suddenly are retired. And now what? Pickleball?”

News that Eric has no plans to retire comes hot on the heels of his cancer battle. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the actor shared earlier this month he’s cancer-free.

Eric kept working throughout his cancer fight. He loves what he does and who he works with at the show.

Y&R star Eric Braeden loves acting, and his costars

The talented actor admitted that he still loves acting even after all these years, which he credits to working on The Young and the Restless.

“I enjoy doing what I’m doing. I really do. I still feel very good about it. We have some very good actors in the show, wonderful actors,” Eric shared with the outlet.

Eric admitted that the rehearsal and filming process on the CBS show gives him great satisfaction. There’s something about seeing it all come together that keeps him returning to set day after day.

Y&R has kept Victor front and center, even throughout his cancer battle. The mustache is now dealing with some Newman family drama thanks to his son Adam (Mark Grossman) and business.

In true Victor fashion, Victor makes a shocking move that leaves Adam spiraling again after Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) decide to stop the merger with McCall Unlimited.

Eric Braeden isn’t leaving the hit CBS soap opera anytime soon. Eric remains perfectly happy with his job and his costars. Plus, he doesn’t have great things to say about retirement.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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Dixie Phillips
Dixie Phillips
26 days ago

I have watched y&r over 40 years and recently it has been very disturbing to see the way Adam is being treated.

25 days ago
Reply to  Dixie Phillips

I feel the same way!! I have watched
Y&R since day one but lately it’s been kinda sloppy!!!

25 days ago

I think its time for Victor to stop picking at Adam almost every show its getting old. Another one getting old are the lesbian girls,, all they do is fill in or giving time. People don.t care about their bull get them off the show or your boycotted.

Jerry Petty
Jerry Petty
24 days ago
Reply to  Jim


5 days ago
Reply to  Jerry Petty

Prejudice much?? So you and you whole group of two are gonna boycott lol

20 days ago

I think Victor needs to stop being so mean and arrogant. And, he needs to stop treating Nick like an outsider. Adam deserves the treatment he is getting. He has been given chance after chance after chance and always manages to be his own worst enemy. He’s sneaky and arrogant. The girls are a nice addition to the how with their daughter, Aria, and the challenge they now face. At least it is something new and not the same ol, same ol that’s been going on lately. The writers seem to be lost. Nicky needs to take her new leadership role and lead in her own way — not the way Victor wants to control her and everyone.

20 days ago

Obviously, Jim and Jerry have a problem with the girls and Aria. Gee, I wonder why boys?

14 days ago
Reply to  Kaia

LOL !!!