How old is Hope on Days of our Lives?

Kristian Alfonso as Hope on Days of our Lives.
Hope has been a staple on Days of our Lives for years. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives fans who love Fancy Face have been in luck the last few days as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) has been front and center as the Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) heart transplant storyline has played out.

Hope is as close to a living legend on the NBC sudser as anyone, having debuted in the early 1980s. She looks just as magnificent and beautiful as the day her eternal love Bo (Peter Reckell) named her Fancy Face!

This has led fans to speculate about a fountain of youth in Salem, with many asking — how old is Hope? While Hope’s exact age is not immediately known, we can tell you that the talented and gorgeous actress who has portrayed her for decades is 56-years young!

The Massachusetts native was born in September 1963 and has quite a variety of jobs on her stellar resume.

Loyal viewers will not be surprised, nor bat an eyelash, to learn that before Alfonso was Fancy Face on DOOL, she was a model! Alfonso was also a figure skater before joining the cast of DOOL.

Alfonso’s alter ego is not quite as glamorous, currently working as a cop at the Salem PD.

For the past few days, Hope has been a nervous wreck as has half of Salem while worrying about Julie. Julie had a heart attack and is currently in need of a heart transplant.

Julie is married to Hope’s father Doug (Bill Hayes), and today, the family shared a heart-wrenching scene that left fans needing a tissue. Hope arrived at Doug’s Place to find the couple, but it appeared that Julie had passed on. Doug refused to leave, but it was Hope who finally got him to agree to take Julie to the hospital after a pulse was found, even though he was adamant that Julie did not want to die in the hospital.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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