General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms reveals she had brain surgery

Kirsten Storms as Maxie on General Hospital.
Kirsten Storms revealed she had brain surgery. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital star Kirsten Storms revealed that she had brain surgery a few days ago on her Instagram stories. The revelation was a shock to viewers who have been watching the fierce blonde play Maxie Jones on the hit ABC soap.

Emme Rylan (Lulu, GH) was also a part of the videos as she was the one who picked up Storms from the hospital. They briefly talked about what was happening, which included revealing that the surgery took place just a few days ago. A specific date wasn’t given, but it likely happened earlier this week.

Now, viewers are wondering how the surgery and recovery process will affect Kirsten Storms’ portrayal of Maxie in General Hospital.

Why did Kirsten Storms have brain surgery?

According to her Instagram stories, Kirsten Storms had brain surgery to take care of a non-cancerous cyst in the lower part of her skull.

In the video, she was wearing a neck brace. She joked about her appearance, but she looked excellent after leaving the hospital following major surgery.

Kirsten on her stories.
Pic credit: @kirstenstorms/Instagram

Seeing Emme Rylan in the car with Kirsten was fun. The two developed a close friendship working at General Hospital and often shared photos and videos of their knitting projects. Unfortunately, Lulu was placed into a coma on the show, so Emme has been gone for several months.

She was transporting Kirsten back to her home. She mentioned a home nurse but didn’t elaborate on much more other than that she would have one. Her details about the surgery were also scarce, and she mentioned it was non-cancerous to make sure there was accurate reporting on the matter.

Emme Rylan with Kirsten Storms.
Pic credit: @kirstenstorms/Instagram

What will happen to Maxie on General Hospital while Kirsten Storms recovers?

Right now, Maxie is part of a front-burner storyline. She gave her baby girl to Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) to protect her from Peter (Wes Ramsey). It may take longer than a few weeks to handle, and Kirsten Storms has to take some time to recover.

When Storms had medical issues before, the role of Maxie was recast. There are a few good choices for who could step into the role, but nothing has been announced.

The ABC soap is taped several weeks in advance, so there is also a possibility that Maxie may be written off temporarily while the actress recovers.

However General Hospital chooses to handle it, viewers and fans are sending Kirsten Storms well wishes for a speedy recovery.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Ellen Walton
Ellen Walton
2 years ago

Love Maxie on GH !watched you maxie from when you were very little Do you think Brooklynn will give your baby back to you?

Ellen Walton
Ellen Walton
2 years ago
Reply to  Ellen Walton

Wish a speedy recovery