General Hospital: Wes Ramsey speaks out about scenes with Kirsten Storms, ‘We really brought the house down’

Kirsten Storms and Wes Ramsey as Maxie and Peter on General Hospital.
Maxie laid into Peter on General Hospital yesterday. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans have been waiting for Peter (Wes Ramsey) to get his comeuppance. Along with that, many have been waiting for Maxie (Kirsten Storms) to lay it out for him, and that is exactly what happened on the ABC soap.

As viewers watched the emotionally intense scenes between Storms and Ramsey, it was clear that work was put into their craft. She was believably upset and angry, making some pretty good digs about who he was and his attempt to mimic his father. He was falling apart before fans’ eyes, leaving him vulnerable and weak.

Those General Hospital scenes would be best put on an Emmy reel, especially given the circumstances the characters have been through. Kirsten Storms and Wes Ramsey have been scene partners for quite some time, but most of it has been romantic and cute, not cutthroat and raw.

Wes Ramsey praises Kirsten Storms for General Hospital scenes

Shortly after yesterday’s episode aired, Wes Ramsey took to Instagram to praise Kirsten Storms.

He wrote, “My Scene Partner…You’ve always inspired me…My hat is off to you, yet again. ? Your instincts are like lightning, dangerously powerful and beautiful to watch! We really brought the house down, in a glorious blaze.?Bravo @kirstenstorms ??? #GH #maxiejones #peteraugust”

Despite all of the contempt for the character of Peter August, Wes Ramsey has made the character that way. His acting has made Peter one of the most hated additions to the cast, which isn’t an easy feat. That, coupled with Kirsten Storms’ portrayal of Maxie Jones, made the scenes yesterday stand out.

What’s next for Maxie and Peter on General Hospital?

Currently, viewers are waiting to find out whether this is the end of Peter August. There has been footage of him shown in the stairwell in General Hospital with blood coming from his head. It was inferred that he was pushed, and given how the show ended yesterday, it appears that Finn (Michael Easton) could have been the culprit.

However, there has been no confirmation that Wes Ramsey is out at General Hospital. The actor rarely discusses his role, and his praise of Kirsten Storms was surprising.

Peter is backed into a corner, but like his father, he will likely weasel out of it. Meanwhile, Maxie is dealing with letting her baby girl live with Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton). It is the safest place for her, and away from Peter is the main priority.

Will Peter end up dead? Will little Louise be reunited with Maxie soon? Be sure to tune in daily to find out how the rest of the story plays out.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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