General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms addresses Maxie: ‘I was only comfortable in those clothes’

Kirsten Storms as Maxie on General Hospital
Kirsten Storms is bringing fashion Maxie back. Pic credit: ABC

Kirsten Storms has been a part of General Hospital for nearly two decades.

Viewers have come to love the legacy character of Maxie. The daughter of supercouple Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) has been through so much.

From getting BJ’s (Brighton Hertford) heart to her non-wedding to Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), there are many memorable moments from her storylines over the years.

However, Kirsten has received some harsh criticism over the years. If she gained weight, the critics came for her.

Most recently, though, there’s been plenty of chatter about Maxie and her wardrobe. She was supposed to be the fashion icon of Port Charles, but viewers didn’t love what she was wearing.

After heavy criticism, Kirsten finally opened up about what happened with Maxie’s wardrobe and how she feels more like herself, which is shown on General Hospital.

Kirsten Storms reveals mental health struggles poured over into Maxie on General Hospital

While speaking with her General Hospital co-stars Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) on their podcast The Daily Drama, Kirsten Storms opened up about Maxie and wardrobe.

Kirsten had a health scare three years ago. She had a benign tumor removed from her brain, and it (understandably) took a toll on her mental health.

She told her co-stars, “I didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t know if I was going to live. That’s how I felt.”

After her physical recovery from the procedure, Kirsten was on the up and up. However, her mental health took a toll, and she believes that carried over into her portrayal of Maxie on General Hospital.

The GH actress said, “I didn’t bounce back from that mentally and emotionally as quick as I would want to, and I feel like how I felt personally was reflected in Maxie in the show.”

That also affected the wardrobe Maxie wore. Kirsten didn’t feel comfortable in some fashion-forward outfits Maximista was known for wearing. Instead, she wore what she was comfortable in, which led to criticism from viewers.

Kirsten opened up, revealing, “I would constantly get messages about how they didn’t like the way I was dressing. But like, I was only comfortable in those clothes because I was not comfortable with myself.”

But that has changed as she begins to feel more like herself, and some nostalgia from Maxie’s past has been brought to Port Charles.

Kirsten Storms brings back Maximista

Recently, Kirsten Storms has brought back more of the Maxie General Hospital fans’ love.

She is spunky and stands her ground against Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Natalia (Eva LaRue).

The fashion is back, too, with more fitted outfits and brighter colors. Her makeup has been fantastic, highlighting that Kirsten feels more like herself.

There have been plenty of ups and downs for Kirsten and her health. She has been temporarily replaced a few times due to her health. Jen Lilley and Molly Burnett both stepped in as Maxie.

Kirsten is bouncing back, and we are here for her as Maxie!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Cheryl LaRose
Cheryl LaRose
14 days ago

I simply love your character