General Hospital: Tanya’s weekly Port Charles takeaways

Brad Maule as Tony Jones on General Hospital.
Tony visited Lucas. Pic credit: ABC

Hottest of all this week on General Hospital was seeing Brad Maule back as Tony Jones–if only for a few minutes as a ghost. I’ll take the actor any way I can get him. The character has gone down in history for one of the most iconic daytime scenes, B.J.’s heart beating inside of Maxie, and it’s a shame he’s not still on the show in 2019.

General Hospital played his mini-return spot on. It actually felt more like an overdue acknowledgement to the character more so than a popup appearance. First, Tony appeared to a confused Lucas (Ryan Carnes), and each got to tell the other how much they loved and appreciated one another.

Julian (William deVry) got in on the action, telling Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) he could never be Tony, and later Bobbie gazed at Tony’s General Hospital picture while he lovingly stood behind her. The message was obvious, the character of Tony Jones was golden and the show paid tribute to the character in a small but significant way.

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Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) doesn’t know about stranger danger? Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) may not technically be a stranger, but she is strange, and what kid wouldn’t have screamed her head off after being threatened with mom just four feet away? But no, now Charlotte will fall victim to the soap cliché about a kidnapped child in danger.

The reveal that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) is a wealthy widow came out of left field, which was cool and refreshing. Now comes the fun part, guessing who the unlucky guy was. Fans are betting the house that Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is the dearly departed other half, but to what end?

Is Finn (Michael Easton) the only doctor on duty at General Hospital? It falls to Finn to treat the young and the old, the infectious as well as his friends, and seemingly around the clock—when does this man sleep? Now that he’s seen Violet (Jophielle Love), Anna (Finola Hughes) may as well stay gone chasing ghosts–Fanna is over. Hey, I’m only the messenger!

These are my takeaways from this week, what are yours?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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