General Hospital star Tabyana Ali thanks Sprina fans for flowers

Tabyana Ali as Trina on General Hospital.
Tabyana Ali is enjoying the role of Trina on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital star Tabyana Ali had big shoes to fill when she came in as a replacement for Sydney Mikayla as Trina Robinson.

She is part of the teen scene, and a huge fanbase surrounds Trina and Spencer (Nicholas Chavez), which is loving dubbed Sprina. 

Soap fanbases often show their appreciation to the actors who are their favorites, and they did just that with Tabyana. 

General Hospital actress Tabyana Ali shows off beautiful pink flowers 

On Instagram, Tabyana Ali showed off flowers she received from Sprina and Trina fans. 

She wrote, “??Thank you to the Sprina/Trina fans who gave me these BEAUTIFUL ‘pretty in pink’ flowers? ? I LOVE THEM!! And it’s in one of my favorite colors? I LOVE YALL”

Tabyana also included four photos of herself with the flowers as she beamed happily. 

What is going on with Trina on General Hospital?

One of the biggest storylines is the sex tape of Joss (Eden McCoy) and Cam (William Lipton) that was filmed. 

Trina was set up by Esme (Avery Pohl), and she and her friends are working to clear her name. Not only has this socially affected Trina, but it also affected her schooling, and she was arrested for the crime. 

General Hospital viewers know she didn’t do it. Esme did. But, there’s a trial gearing up to begin, and Trina must fight because her future literally depends on it. 

Since he arrived in town, Spencer has had a thing for Trina. Despite lying to her about who he was, there was a spark between them, and she forgave his selfish attitude and the lies he told. She made him want to be a better man, which is something Esme noticed. 

Tabyana Ali stepped into the role of Trina Robinson as this storyline kicked off. Sydney Mikayla was the portrayer initially, but she left to pursue schooling, leaving the role to be recast. 

To complicate matters, officer Rory (Michael Kruse) has a crush on Trina, and it seems she is into him too. That makes Spencer mad and even more determined to catch Esme and clear Trina’s name.

In the coming weeks, things will get interesting, especially as Spencer and Cam plot to help Trina. She also has a bevy of support from Curtis (Donnell Turner), her mom Portia (Brook Kerr), and her extended family. 

Tabyana Ali is thankful for the Sprina and Trina fans as they show her love. 

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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