General Hospital spoilers: Will Kiki slap the truth out of Ava?

Ava angry at Kiki at the courthouse following the Griffin bombshell
Ava and Kiki brawl over Griffin again. Pic credit: ABC

This week on General Hospital Ava Jerome (Maura West) is slapped into next week by her hot and bothered daughter Kiki (Hayley Erin).

Or is she?

Not the slap part, that sound of flesh meeting flesh was heard around the world. Now, the real burning question as we watch this mother-daughter relationship deteriorate by the minute, is, are they really related?

It’s hard to believe after watching the latest explosive General Hospital trailer that Ava and Kiki will ever get their fractured relationship back on track.

In it, Kiki and Griffin (Matt Cohen) are doing a slow burn when Ava knocks on Kiki’s door. Her eyes pop out and her jaw drops when she finds her glistening former boyfriend and her lingerie-clad daughter shooting the breeze and her mind goes wild.

All she can think of to say as she spies Griffin in a little nothing tank top is, “And here I thought you were suffering in solitude!”

Angry words are exchanged, and at some point, Kiki hauls off and delivers the mother of all slaps across Ava’s pretty, reconstructed face.

Sure hope her plastic surgeon is on retainer!

Of course, the whole debacle started when Griffin and Kiki had revenge sex behind Ava’s back. Sadly, the bombshell news got out in a most public manner, during a shocking trial in which half of Port Charles heard the ugly news, including the wronged party!

From that moment on, Ava has made it her mission to destroy both of her former loved ones. But wild speculation is that Kiki isn’t really her daughter after all!

GH fans know that long-suffering Nina (Michelle Stafford) is hot on the trail of her kidnapped baby, a sordid event that took place years ago after her mother put her in a coma and stole the infant. P.I. extraordinaire Curtis (Donnell Turne ) and shamed ex Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) are set to crack the case any day now and it’s only a matter of time before Nina comes face to face with her mini-me.

Will it be Kiki? Excited fans are speculating nonstop about who the mystery baby turns out to be, with Kiki in the lead most days. Of course, there are other possibilities, even someone not currently on the GH canvas at the moment. But having Kiki be Nina’s daughter would be a soaptastic turn of events!

It all makes sense, the way the writers are pitting Ava and Kiki against each other. First off, stealing your mom’s man is just a no-no.

But Ava’s subsequent vow to wreck Kiki’s life is just unconscionable. What kind of mom does that to her spawn?

And now with the slap heard around the world, we may have witnessed the nail in the coffin on this dastardly mother-daughter charade.

You do not want to miss this week’s exciting episodes as the war between Ava and Kiki escalates. Will their ugly hostilities spill out to reveal an even more horrifying secret?

Stay tuned and find out General Hospital fans, the truth is often stranger than fiction!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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