General Hospital spoilers: What happened to Sasha and is she leaving GH?

Sofia Mattsson as Sasha on General Hospital.
Sasha won’t be on General Hospital for a few weeks. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans couldn’t help but notice Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) absence at Carly (Laura Wright) and Jason’s (Steve Burton) wedding.

It was explained away by Brando (Johnny Wactor), revealing she was on bed rest. She had seen her OB, and her blood pressure was elevated. That is why she wasn’t his date at the wedding.

Sasha’s pregnancy was written in because Sofia was pregnant in real life. There was some time to get it right, but it seemed like overnight, the General Hospital wardrobe department stopped hiding her baby bump.

Is Sasha leaving General Hospital?

There has been some speculation that Sofia Mattsson would leave General Hospital. She announced that she welcomed a baby boy on July 26. Her pregnancy was a well-kept secret, with her announcement coming just a month before she gave birth.

General Hospital chose to write the pregnancy in, keeping Sasha around Port Charles. After a one-night stand in his garage, Brando is the baby’s father, and their relationship is budding.

Given the circumstances, it looks like Sasha will not be exiting the ABC soap. She was written as being on bed rest, which gives her a several-week grace period for not being seen on General Hospital. With everything happening right now, this was the perfect time to take her off the canvas without causing too much of a stir.

When will Sofia Mattsson return to General Hospital?

An exact return date is hard to pinpoint.

Sasha was a part of Carly’s bachelorette party, which aired earlier this month. If that was her last taped episode, likely, General Hospital fans won’t see her until the end of October or the beginning of November.

With everyone focusing on the big storylines right now, Sasha and Brando’s budding romance wouldn’t be front and center anyway. General Hospital fans have been waiting for Sonny (Maurice Benard) to get his memory back, and that’s happening now.

The next couple of weeks will have everyone talking. From Nina (Cynthia Watros) keeping Sonny’s whereabouts a secret to Drew’s (Cameron Mathison) possibly escape and return to Port Charles, viewers will be focused on the long-awaited payoffs from those storylines and less about why Sasha is missing from the canvas.

Thankfully, Sofia Mattsson isn’t leaving General Hospital, and Sasha is sticking around Port Charles.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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2 years ago

First Jason falls for Breke then he in love with Finn was in love with Anna then he is on his way the nurse. Anna is every where .True love is not real . Any one thats been dead comes back to life.Iam getting bored Now Jason and Carley boomed car.I guess they get out okey and are in hiding on there honeymoon. Sorry you need knew writers.