General Hospital spoilers: Marc Anthony Samuel brings Felix back

Marc Anthony Samuel as Felix on General Hospital.
Felix is headed back to General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital will be welcoming Marc Anthony Samuel back as Felix DuBois in the coming weeks.

Viewers will be excited to learn Felix will be back at General Hospital. While his stint and length of time on the job has not been disclosed, there is hope he may stick around for more than just a few days at a time.

Why is Felix headed back to General Hospital?

Earlier today, Marc Anthony Samuel revealed he was back at General Hospital in an Instagram photo. This got fans buzzing about why Felix will be back and what the storyline will be that he is a part of.

There is speculation that it has to do with Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas (Ryan Carnes). The three of them were once in a sort of love triangle, but with Felix being the odd man out, he may need to be there for his friends.

Lucas is in bad shape after a car accident almost killed him. Brad was supposed to be the one who was injured from the chain of events Julian (William deVry) put into motion. With things spiraling out of control, maybe Felix can talk some sense into Brad.

It may also be because of a hospital emergency or high-profile patient. Marc Anthony Samuel’s Felix has been known to be on top of patients and their recovery. With hardly any real connections left in Port Charles anymore, seeing Felix return is a joyous occasion.

General Hospital viewers want more Felix

When Felix is on General Hospital, viewers enjoy it. Marc Anthony Samuel has been on the show since 2012, but in recent years, his appearances have been less frequent. Generally, Samuel returns for sweeps and Nurses Balls.

From his dance numbers with the General Hospital crew to his friendship with Sabrina (Teresa Castillo), Felix is a favorite character for long-term viewers. News of his return is happily accepted.

With no air date revealed, things are up in the air. Felix could debut in the next couple of days, or it could be weeks before General Hospital viewers see him. It wasn’t made clear if the photo shared was taken today or if it was shared a few days after it was taken.

Even if it is only for a short time, General Hospital fans will take what they can get when it comes to Felix DuBois.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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