General Hospital spoilers: Laura is in trouble already and Jordan issues Trina a warning about Taggert

Genie Francis on the set of General Hospital
Genie Francis gets a shock this week on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers reveal that things are heating up as the Christmas holiday approaches 

Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) believes that he is still running Port Charles, but the truth may be closing in on him soon enough. 

Trina is determined

Taggert (Réal Andrews) is still running around town very much alive, but most people believe that he is dead, including his daughter Trina (Sydney Mikayla). After her chat with Cyrus last week, she is determined to find out the truth. 

Trina will meet up with Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) on Wednesday’s General Hospital not far from where Taggert was talking with the police commissioner. As seen in the previews, Trina won’t be too happy when Jordan tells her that she is setting herself up for disappointment. 

Trina’s mom, Portia (Brook Kerr) will confront Ava (Maura West) at GH. Their topic of conversation is usually about Trina and it looks like that may be the case on Wednesday. 

The two women both care for the teen, but most of the time Portia doesn’t trust Ava. She will warn Ava that she will hold her personally responsible for something.

Ava’s husband Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) will also be having words with Britt (Kelly Thiebaud).  

Sonny needs help and Carly confronts Cyrus 

Sonny (Maurice Benard) is desperate to find Julian (William deVry). The mobster had him at gunpoint yesterday, but one of Cyrus’ men started firing shots instead. 

Julian got away and now Sonny will ask someone for help in tracking him down. 

Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) will confront Cyrus on Wednesday’s General Hospital. She isn’t happy that he told Trina that her father is still alive hoping to draw him out of hiding. 

Carly will likely warn him to stay away from the teens. It’s also likely that Cyrus will taunt her as he does with pretty much everyone in Port Charles. 

Laura is in trouble 

Curtis (Donnell Turner) left Laura (Genie Francis) alone at the facility where Cyrus’ mother is. The duo has a plan to make it look like Laura is in a catatonic state, but it appears that their plan may backfire. 

At the end of Tuesday’s show, a doctor was about to administer some drugs to Laura. Will she actually let him drug her? 

Laura had been in a catatonic state for real years ago. She certainly doesn’t want to end up that way again anytime soon.

It looks like she is in trouble even before she goes in search of Florence Grey. Laura is one tough cookie, but how will she get out of this one?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.




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