General Hospital spoilers: Laura has a new family, Jordan faces Curtis, and Julian is trapped

General Hospital star Jeff Kober
Jeff Kober stars as Cyrus Renault on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

It’s been a wild week on General Hospital as two major secrets have been exposed.

Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) laid a huge surprise on Laura (Genie Francis), and Trina (Sydney Mikayla) discovered that her dad is still alive.

There is still more to come on Friday’s episode as it’s bound to end the week with a bang.

Laura and her new brothers

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Laura will confront Cyrus (Jeff Kober) about what he knew about her past. At the end of Thursday’s show, she was shocked when he told her that they share the same father.

It was recently revealed that Martin and Cyrus were brothers and that means they now have a sister. Of course, Cyrus knew all of this, which is why he had his eye on Laura all this time.

Martin had no idea that Laura was related to them. Now she will grill Cyrus on why he was so intent on playing games with her.

Taggert’s secret causes trouble

Taggert (Real Andrews) has a new face. The actor has been temporarily replaced by Asante Jones, and now he is facing the fallout of his actions.

He isn’t the only one who has loved ones angry over the lie that he had died. Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry), who helped him fake his own death, will be facing Curtis (Donnell Turner) on Friday.

Curtis was shocked when he ran into Taggert at the PCPD. The General Hospital previews for Friday revealed that Jordan’s husband will not be pleased with her.

Curtis will question Jordan on whether she knew that Taggert was alive. Will she let him in on the truth that she knew all along?

Julian and Sonny’s showdown

Julian (William deVry) seems to have nine lives. He has managed to escape gunfire without being killed so far and he has also escaped from Sonny’s clutches twice now.

Unfortunately, he may have used his lives all up as Sonny has him trapped on a bridge. But there may be hope for him yet, as the mobster may give Julian one more chance to live.

Viewers are expecting Julian to be killed, but there is a chance that he could somehow escape out of town. That would leave it open for this character to make his way back to Port Charles, even if it wouldn’t be the original actor.

As for Jason (Steve Burton), he will be stuck at the bus station having to answer questions. While Sonny went off after Julian, Jason shot and killed another one of Cyrus’ men whose target was Julian.

It looks like Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) comes to his rescue once again.

Be sure to tune in on Friday to see if Julian lives or dies.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.





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