General Hospital spoilers for next week: Sonny makes a decision, old feelings resurface, and more

Maurice Benard as Sonny on General Hospital.
Sonny isn’t letting Dex’s betrayal go. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers for next week tease that more drama is coming as February sweeps hit the halfway mark.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) is spiraling out of control after the betrayal from his wife, son, and others was revealed at the beginning of the year.

The fallout continues throughout Port Charles as those who love him are all concerned about him.

Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) death has added to the blanket of sadness all over Port Charles. Trina (Tabyana Ali) is not okay, and her journey through grief is where things appear to be heading.

Meanwhile, there is still someone on the loose who wants Sonny, and possibly Anna (Finola Hughes), dead.

Here’s what’s happening next week on General Hospital.

Could old couples rekindle?

The writing has been on the wall for a Spixie reunion as Cody (Josh Kelly) pushes Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) together.

Spoilers tease that next week, the two share a moment. Maxie hinted to Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) that she’s considered reuniting with him, and after the terrible track record she has with picking men lately, we’re inclined to hope she does.

As Sonny grows closer to Ava (Maura West), the writing on the wall seems to be there for a steamy hookup between them. She is the only one whom he really trusts right now.

And speaking of reuniting, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) shows up for Nina (Cynthia Watros). He’s been the one to have her back since the beginning, and it looks like they may team up once again. Could we see a rekindling between them?

Joss and Dex

Sonny doesn’t kill Dex (Evan Hofer), but that doesn’t mean the consequences for his betrayal are any less.

The mob boss ordered him to leave town and never return, which meant saying goodbye to Joss (Eden McCoy). Neither wanted that.

Expect Trina to be there for her best friend despite still mourning the loss of the love of her life. She gives Joss a pep talk, and it seems to do some good.

We don’t expect Dex’s run to be over, so look for something to change so that he remains in Port Charles.

More Port Charles tidbits

Sonny connects with Selina (Lydia Look) to compare notes. Could the two work together to find out who is taking out mob bosses all over the country?

Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew (Cameron Mathison) are stunned when Nina and Valentin present a united front.

Jason’s (Steve Burton) name continues to pop up, so when Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) have a chat, expect them to mention his name a time or two (or over and over).

Be sure to tune in daily so that not a moment of the drama is missed.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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1 month ago

I am tired of the way Sonny’s mistreatment of Dex. First he hangs Dex up on a meat hook and tortures him, then when he thinks Dex betrayed him again,( based on sloppy evidence) and tries to kill him again, and now because of Sonny- Joss is miserable and lost. The first time Sonny was going to kill Dex and the cruelty of it sickened me, and now what he has done to Dex and Joss two young adults who truly love each other- their hearts are broken- their love story was really beautiful to watch, and now all because of Sonny and his code- those happy moments that I enjoyed watching are gone. I used to be a fan of Sonny- no more! I have watched General Hospital since the 80″s, and this is how they end a storyline I am not sure I want to watch it anymore.

Nancy Breck
Nancy Breck
1 month ago

Nina reminds me of the woman I found my husband with. Probably should not watch but I do. Want her to get the worst.