When will Jason return to General Hospital? Here’s what Steve Burton says

Steve Burton as Jason Morgan on General Hospital
Jason is returning to General Hospital in the coming weeks. Pic credit: ABC

It’s been a whirlwind month for General Hospital viewers who learned Steve Burton was reprising the role of Jason Morgan on the hit ABC soap.

His return was revealed during the GH 60th anniversary special, and since then, there’s been chatter about when Steve would return to filming.

With February sweeps here, there was speculation Jason would be back in Port Charles to coincide with it. However, it’s unclear if that’s how everything will play out.

Steve revealed he wrapped his run on Days of our Lives late last year, and viewers immediately knew he would either return to General Hospital or end up back at The Young and the Restless.

And now that he’s confirmed his return as Stone Cold, the next bit of information viewers need is a return date.

So, when can we see Steve in his leather jacket as Jason Morgan?

Steve Burton teases General Hospital air date

On The Daily Drama Podcast, which Steve Burton hosts alongside Bradford Anderson, the two share banter about Steve’s return to General Hospital.

He revealed that he would be returning to filming next week. That could mean the week of February 5, or if this episode was taped earlier, it could mean that he started filming this week.

Either way, it’s excellent news for those waiting for something to hold onto.

However, given the taping schedule General Hospital goes by, it seems that March will be when Steve is back on screen as Jason. Four to six weeks is the typical turnaround time for when things are shot, which puts him debuting right at the beginning of March.

He could also shoot scenes that may be added to other shot episodes in the editing room, making his airdate earlier than his anticipated four to six weeks.

Will Jason be the one after Sonny?

After this week’s events on General Hospital, there have been rumblings that viewers think that Jason may be the one targeting Sonny (Maurice Benard).

He knows the ins and outs of Sonny’s organization, which raises many red flags. Bringing him back against Sonny seems a bit out of character, but let’s not forget things were once dicey between them when Jason and Carly (Laura Wright) struck up a relationship after believing Sonny was dead.

Will he come back with his memory intact? That’s another thing to consider. And new writers’ scripts begin airing in March, which may also play into what viewers can expect from Steve Burton as Jason Morgan.

The possibilities are endless, but at least viewers know when to expect Jason on their screen.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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