General Hospital spoilers: Anna wants answers, Finn is drinking, and Brennan escapes

Steve Burton as Jason Morgan on General Hospital.
Anna wants Jason to admit Sonny ordered the ambush. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that a week of chaos is brewing.

As May sweeps came and went, viewers were left with the summer heat in Port Charles.

Gregory’s (Gregory Harrison) passing hit Finn (Michael Easton) in a way that unlocked his demons again. This will continue to cause issues as Gregory’s memorial plays out on the ABC soap this week.

Carly (Laura Wright) has been playing with fire, and her connection to Brennan (Charles Mesure) could put her in danger.

Friday’s cliffhanger ended with a shootout at the coffee warehouse, with Jason (Steve Burton) being the target.

Here’s what’s happening this week on General Hospital.

Anna wants answers from Jason

Oblivious to what is actually happening, Anna (Finola Hughes) pushes Jason to tell her that Sonny (Maurice Benard) was behind the attempted ambush at the warehouse.

Jason encountered the issue just minutes after Sonny left, but was it on the orders of his former best friend?

It’s unlikely, despite Anna wanting to stick Sonny to the fire. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is the one running the Pikeman show, and with new information about the FBI (thanks to Carly opening her mouth to Brennan), he has all the reason to want Jason gone.

What better way to cover himself than to make everyone believe Sonny ordered a hit on Jason? After all, the mob boss hasn’t been himself in months.

Finn spirals

After taking a sip of champagne at the ChaLynn wedding, Finn has positioned himself for the beginning of the end.

Gregory’s memorial will be another setback for the doctor and father. He’s had Chase’s (Josh Swickard) support, but Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) wasn’t as quickly swayed.

While celebrating Gregory’s life, Chase walks up as Finn is ready to take a drink.

Brennan escapes

General Hospital isn’t as secure as some may think.

Brennan manages to escape the hospital, which was likely his plan all along. Where he is headed remains unclear, but we suspect Carly shouldn’t think she’s safe. The chemistry the two share is off the charts, at least from his point of view.

Valentin has a secret meeting, and we suspect it may be in the stairwell with Brennan. The two are working closely together, though they need to keep apart so they don’t raise suspicions and out Valentin altogether.

It will be an intense week as summer in Port Charles officially begins.

Be sure to tune in daily so that not a moment of the drama is missed.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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