General Hospital shocker: Is Billy Miller out and headed back to Y&R?

Billy Miller as Drew Cain on General Hospital.
Drew may be leaving Port Charles. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital may see another face fading away into the sunset and heading to The Young and the Restless. There has been a lot of speculation regarding Billy Miller and his fate on the popular ABC soap, which has some viewers worried.

Billy Miller debuted on General Hospital back in 2014. Plenty of fans were upset about his placement as Jason Morgan. Some viewers believed he wouldn’t be able to fill the shoes Steve Burton left but eventually, many came around.

As General Hospital was getting things moving with JaSam (Jason and Sam) once again, another bombshell came in the form of Burton returning to the show.

At this point, there was a lot of talk about how Steve Burton’s return would work. He would push Billy Miller out of the role he had taken over to come back to General Hospital. Fans were upset because Burton jumped ship and went to The Young and the Restless as Dylan McAvoy.

Now, he wanted his role back, and General Hospital pushed Miller out and wrote him in as Jason’s twin brother, Drew Cain.

Since then, there have been rumors of behind-the-scenes feuds that haven’t sat well with some viewers. Following the tragic death of Oscar (Garren Stitt), Drew doesn’t have much of a storyline. There is a little bit of direction in the Dawn of Day aspect, but dragging that out isn’t appealing to many viewers.

As of now, Billy Miller leaving General Hospital is just a rumor. It is worth noting, however, that She Knows Soaps reported on the rumblings. Generally, they don’t comment on things that don’t hold much truth, so this is quite interesting.

If Billy Miller does leave General Hospital (or is forced out), will he head back to The Young and the Restless? There has been a mass exodus of General Hospital actors headed that way, which makes this a plausible theory. Michelle Stafford (Nina) returned to her role as Phyllis Summers, and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Margaux) is headed back as Chloe.

Without Billy Miller being active on social media, it is hard to get a feel for what is happening behind the scenes.

He has always been a bit more private than most soap stars, which means confirmation regarding anything comes when the network or he issues a statement. Until then, General Hospital fans have no idea what to expect.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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