General Hospital releases new video telling viewers to ‘stay tuned’ amid ongoing preemptions

Leslie Charleson as Monica on General Hospital.
General Hospital wants viewers to “stay tuned.” Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital has been preempted for days due to the ongoing impeachment trial. Viewers have been waiting for updates as to when their favorite soap would begin airing again, and yet, there is no exact date being mentioned yet.

Last week, General Hospital updated fans with a post that revealed they would continue to monitor the news coverage and would update when new episodes would be available again.

The last new episode for viewers in the United States aired last Monday afternoon. Last Tuesday’s episode aired in Canada, and it has been passed around on social media for fans to watch.

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What is the latest on General Hospital episodes returning?

As of this morning, General Hospital released a new video featuring Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos). They talk about being excited to share what has been going on behind the scenes and ask viewers to “stay tuned” for updates.

Currently, General Hospital is five episodes behind in the United States. That is an entire week’s worth of shows, pushing back the upcoming February sweeps. Not only will that delay some of the cliffhangers that have been planned, but it also delays the ratings for the show.

Sweeps are something viewers look forward to and the viewership typically goes up as the suspense goes full force with the episodes airing within those designated months. Now, it looks like the end of February sweeps will be airing the first week of March as long as the delays end today.

How will this affect General Hospital viewership?

Fans are already voicing their frustration about the General Hospital episodes being held. Some have even threatened to dump the show and watch other soaps that have continual airings despite their timeslot being preempted.

Days of our Lives is airing according to schedule. All of the episodes are available same-day, though most often they are added to the app or the on demand feature later in the evening.

The Young and the Restless has also taken the same steps as the NBC soap and will continue to air the soap until it is preempted and then it will be made available later in the evening.

There is no clear information available about when General Hospital will be available and on-air again. Viewers have been encouraged to check the show’s social media channels regularly to stay up to date, though no new information has been given since last week.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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