General Hospital preview for next week: Sonny shares moments with Michael and Kristina

Maurice Benard and Lexi Ainsworth as Sonny and Kristina on General Hospital.
Sonny talks to Kristina about Parker. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital will continue to air episodes based around Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) kids next week. It is the second round of episodes chosen featuring the Corinthos family of Port Charles.

It has been over a month since General Hospital aired new episodes. This week and next are all about Sonny and his children. These coming up will be heavy on Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) and Michael (Chad Duell), while this current week shows a little of all of them.

Which episodes will General Hospital air for the second week of Sonny and his kids?

Monday’s episode will be all about when Michael (then played by Dylan Cash)l took a bullet that was intended for Sonny. This was almost the end for the character. Michael fell into a coma that lasted for months while the decision about what to do with the character was discussed.

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Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital will also center around Michael. This was just days after Chad Duell stepped into the role after Drew Garrett’s contract ended. It will be all about Sonny learning the truth about his son killing Claudia (Sarah Joy Brown).

On Wednesday, it is once again an episode centered around Sonny and Michael. This time, it will be when Michael was sentenced to prison for killing Claudia. It was a pivotal moment for the father and son duo and has a lasting effect on Michael all these years later.

General Hospital-Michael is Sentenced 5-7-10

Thursday’s episode is about Kristina and Sonny. She has been off and on the General Hospital canvas, but her stories have been powerful. It was after the huge bus crash that sent people to the hospital and two people died. Kristina lost her best friend and ended up in the hospital where Sonny visits her.

Friday will end the week with another General Hospital episode featuring Sonny and Kristina. This time, he tells her about Parker (Ashley Jones). It was an interesting storyline for Ainsworth to play, not only because of the same-sex relationship but also because of the age difference.

When will new episodes of General Hospital air?

As of now, General Hospital has still not resumed production. It was suspended in mid-March. There is hope that things will resume in mid-July, putting new episodes airing sometime at the end of August or early September.

So many things have changed due to coronavirus, and there are many more rules in place. It will be a learning curve for all involved. At this point, resuming production in the middle of this month is still tentative, but things are looking up.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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3 years ago

I love the scenes between Sonny and Kristina. They’re always so powerful.