General Hospital dropped the ball with Billy Miller exit

Billy Miller as Drew Cain on General Hospital.
Billy Miller’s departure was less than what was expected. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital has disappointed fans time and time again with the writing. There has been a lack of storyline for Billy Miller as Drew Cain for months. When Oscar (Garren Stitt) died, it was almost as if his father did as well.

At the end of July, news broke that Billy Miller was exiting General Hospital. It wasn’t shocking though. Viewers had felt like it was coming for a long time and rumors were swirling for weeks before the announcement. The only thing the statement confirmed was that General Hospital was losing an amazing talent and it was already grossly under-used.

The final airdate for Billy Miller was last week. He was seen leaving in the elevator, on his way to Afghanistan. He had a conversation with Franco (Roger Howarth) who now has his memories circa 2012. Drew was headed back to the war-torn country to deliver the money Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) wanted to get his hands on. While this was admirable, it doesn’t make sense.

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First, Drew (the real one, not FrankenDrew) wouldn’t know where to begin in Afghanistan. He doesn’t remember being there, so why would he jet off there?

Also, what about Scout? She is his child and despite mourning the loss of Oscar, he has a daughter who needs him. This entire write out was terrible, especially considering that Billy Miller has a huge fan base.

Of course, details surrounding Billy Miller’s General Hospital exit haven’t been made public. His statement came by way of Twitter through his spokesperson/friend and that was essentially it.

Kelly Monaco did tweet about it once but never followed up with more details. The two were paired once onscreen and have been close pals outside of the show as well.

Things could have been wrapped up in a much better manner. While it is true that Billy Miller (or the character of Drew) does have an opening to return with the way things ended, it isn’t very comforting. The lack of writing and the complete dismissal of Drew upon Jason’s (Steve Burton) return has made it clear where the General Hospital loyalties lie.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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