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General Hospital delays production amid Omicron surge

Kevin and Laura on General Hospital.
General Hospital has delayed production. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital actors get another week off in the new year as production on the ABC soap has been delayed.

The actors have been on holiday break, and due to the rise in the Omicron variant and the current surge across the nation, the network has decided to delay the return to work.

Production was originally slated to resume this week.

When will production resume for General Hospital?

TVLine reports that the production delay for General Hospital is only a week right now. This shouldn’t affect the airing of new episodes, as the ABC soap tapes weeks in advance so they can take the annual holiday break and keep things going as expected.

This is subject to change, though. Right now, the network is basing everything on numbers and outbreaks, and if things don’t improve, it could push production back even further.

While on break, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) revealed she tested positive for COVID-19. She is vaccinated and appears to be recovering well. Everyone who works on the General Hospital set, including actors, camera people, and other crew members must be vaccinated under the ABC/Disney mandate. Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher were fired after not meeting the mandate and being denied exemption, and Rademacher is currently suing the network over his General Hospital termination.

What’s happening on General Hospital?

A lot is happening in Port Charles right now. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Luke (Anthony Geary) died off-screen, which caused viewers to lash out. They are confused about why he’s dead and “Parking Lot Peter”(Wes Ramsey) is still alive and kicking.

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There is some connection between Luke’s death and Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy), which will likely be explored in the coming weeks. February sweeps are around the corner, which could be a huge part of what’s to come.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) is working out his emotions regarding Carly (Laura Wright) and Nina (Cynthia Watros). There’s speculation that the General Hospital writers may be considering pairing him with Nina. Some of the viewer’s responses were positive regarding the couple, and with sweeps coming, changing things up might be the way to go.

Peter is still alive and causing chaos. He survived the poisoning and is already plotting his next move. For months, General Hospital viewers have waited for his death, yet he continues to defy the odds. Will Peter’s demise come in the future?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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    • My husband and I are sick and tired of Carley’s constant blaming others and her constant crying and looks on her face. She’s being a hypocrite as it’s obvious she loves Jason and always was jealous when he got close to someone else. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with her son, Michael, either. He’s disrespectful of his elders and the way he talks to them.

    • I disagree. My husband and I are sick of Carley’s complaining and facial expressions. She’s a hypocrite as she loves Jason and was jealous of attention he gave Britt. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with her son, Michael. He’s disrespectful to his elders.

    • You have Sonny acting like a wimp his and Nina whole relationship was built on a big lie and you want to put these to together Man up Sonny!! Killing off Luke was a big mistake he was already off the show Victor could of gone after anyone else on the show and still had good ratings I think Frank Valentin needs to go he is killing our beloved show!!!!

  1. If Disney is being strict with the Covid vaccine the should have all their Disneyland employees get vaccinated. Numerous employees working with the public are not vaccinated. Shame on Disney for having different standards.

  2. You notice it said “some of the viewers”… that means MOST of the viewers totally disagree with pairing Sonny with Nina. Honestly if they do that they should just send both of them back to Nixon Falls and be done with their parts on the show. We want Sonny back, not this watered down version called Mike that we have right now. BOO to the writers.

  3. Firing Steve Burton & Ingo Rademacher, killing off Luke, and now possibly putting Nina with Sonny together, Infuriating!!! if anyone needs to leave this show its all the constant EVIL characters. I have watched General hospital since Steve Hardy was in charge at the hospital, but this garbage the writers keep spewing is finally intolerable, GOODBYE GENERAL HOSPITAL!!!

  4. I’m so glad GH made me finally delete them from my DVR recording schedule, it made really think how sick I am of the storylines on YR. No more of this ridiculousness for me, GOODBYE SOAPS!!!

  5. Logic and Reasoning

    It is utterly illogical, to have a severe policy against an unvaxed actor, when anyone vaxxed or not can contract and spread the virus. How can a production be it’s best and humane, as well, without good reasoning power? GH needs a good consultant’s help and fast!

    On a positive note, the baby Louise/Bailey storyline is a good one. I just hope that Valentin will be told the secret, so he can help protect Louise from Peter.


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