General Hospital deaths: ABC soap mourns another loss

Johnny Wactor as Brando on General Hospital
Johnny Wactor is the latest General Hospital actor to die. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital has been plagued with loss over the last few years.

Many of the deaths came as a shock to the cast and crew members of the ABC soap.

While some actors have been mourned on-screen because their characters still live in Port Charles, others have passed away since leaving the daytime drama.

From suicide to murder, the details of the losses felt by the cast and crew have been brutal.

Some may say the ABC soap is cursed, while others may be skeptical to assume anything other than coincidences have happened.

These are some of the recent losses suffered in the General Hospital realm.

Johnny Wactor becomes the latest cast member to be lost

Over the weekend, Johnny Wactor (Brando Corbin) was shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles.

He aired on the popular ABC soap from 2020 to 2022, when the hook killer killed off his character Brando Corbin.

Many of his former co-stars offered tributes to the man they worked with on General Hospital. They echoed many of the same sentiments about who he was as a person and how tragic his death was at just 37.

Who else has the General Hospital family lost?

The loss of Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) seemingly kicked off this nightmare after passing away due to complications after surgery. She passed away in December 2022, which kicked off the slew of tragedies that have happened in less than two years.

N’Neka Garland was a beloved member of the General Hospital family. She was an award-winning producer and loved by everyone who knew her. The cast and crew shared tributes, and the Savoy’s bartender was named after her to keep her memory alive on set.

Jacklyn Zeman passed away in May 2023. She had played nurse Bobbie Spencer for decades, and her loss heavily affected the GH family. She was still active on the show, and the storyline to address her passing touched everyone.

Billy Miller died by suicide last year. He had moved on from General Hospital after Steve Burton returned, and they moved him from NuJason to Drew. Despite making the role his own, Drew was written off and presumed dead when his plane went down. ABC soap star Cameron Mathison is currently playing the role.

Tyler Christopher was found dead last year, not long after Billy Miller’s passing. He battled with alcohol, which cost him a lot over the years. General Hospital viewers were championing him to win, especially with the help of Maurice Benard.

Johnny Wactor became the sixth person connected to General Hospital who passed away in less than two years.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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25 days ago

I hate this new storyline, where Sonny is being dropped by everyone. Please tell me that he is not being written off the show? That would be catastrophic, for me?

Didn’t realize that so many of the actors had actually passed away. What a shame.