General Hospital: Could Curtis be Trina’s real father?

Donnell Turner, Brook Kerr, and Sydney Mikayla as Curtis, Portia, and Trina on General Hospital.
Curtis and Portia revealed they know each other on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital threw another curveball at viewers yesterday.

During Taggert’s (Real Andrews) memorial at the Floating Rib, it was revealed that Portia (Brook Kerr) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) knew one another.

Trina (Sydney Mikayla) is holding Curtis accountable for her father’s death.

After she told him off, it became clear that her mom knew Jordan’s (Briana Nicole Henry) husband from several years ago.

Now that the connections have played out, General Hospital viewers have some theories about Portia and Curtis’ connection.

Could Curtis be Trina’s dad?

There has been no direct proof, but it looks like General Hospital may be setting up an affair between Portia and Curtis that resulted in a baby while she was still with Marcus.

At this point, it wouldn’t be shocking at all.

Initially, Curtis believed that Jordan could have been Trina’s mother. Her connection to Taggert remained under wraps, and he jumped to the next possible conclusion.

She is not her mother, but she very well may be her step-mom moving forward.

Last fall, it was revealed that Trina had a mystery relative in Port Charles. General Hospital fans thought she might have been connected to Stella (Vernee Watson), but now it looks like it may be Curtis.

He could be her father, especially if things play out the way they are being foreshadowed.

Is Curtis related to Trina?

The fact that Portia is just now making a debut on General Hospital is puzzling to some fans.

Trina has been in Port Charles forever. She stood by Joss’ (Eden McCoy) side through some of the worst times in her life, and now, she is facing a tough time of her own.

It looks like Portia will jump on at General Hospital as her sneak peek photos were of her at the hospital and presumably talking to Neil (Joe Flanigan).

This makes some fans think the connection between her and Curtis may draw out longer than it should. Were the two romantically involved? Was she involved with his brother?

There are so many possibilities with this storyline, but the most obvious appears to be Curtis being her father.

What could be worse than Trina finding out that the man she believes was the cause of her dad’s death is actually her real dad? That is the soapiest of soap storylines.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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