General Hospital casts Brook Kerr in new doctor role

Brook Kerr at a Disney event.
Brook Kerr is joining General Hospital. Pic credit: ©

General Hospital has a new doctor on staff, and she will debut at the beginning of March. Beefing up the doctor roster has fans wondering what could be coming up.

Brook Kerr will be joining General Hospital in a doctor role, though the details haven’t been made public.

Who is Brook Kerr?

Daytime viewers may recognize Brook Kerr from her role on the now-defunct NBC sudser, Passions. She played Whitney Russell Harris-Crane and was there from 1999 through 2007.

Having daytime experience is a bonus, and some General Hospital viewers may already remember her from her role.

Since then, Brook Kerr has had roles on True Blood, Grinder, and Westworld. Adding her to General Hospital appears to be a smart choice.

While it is unknown who she will be connected to or paired with, fans are looking forward to seeing more doctors.

The duration of the role is also unknown. At this point, Entertainment Weekly noted that Brook Kerr will debut in March and will be playing a doctor.

They shared a few photos as well, but as far as anything that would give hints about why she is in Port Charles, there is nothing.

How will Brook Kerr’s character be connected on General Hospital?

In one of the photos, Brook Kerr’s character can be seen talking to Neil (Joe Flanigan). They were present at the hospital, so the context clues aren’t telling.

There has been some speculation that she will be brought in for another medical crisis. March is just on the heels of February sweeps, which is also big for General Hospital. Will there be a baby storyline where Brook Kerr is the OBGYN? Is she set to be a specialist?

Possibilities are endless for speculation with no information. Right now, there aren’t many stories that are surrounding illness or things that would need a doctor’s intervention.

General Hospital has a mob war heating up, so a trauma surgeon could be needed.

It was revealed that Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) was headed back to town in the coming days, so it may just be tied to a medical emergency. Adding more staff to the hospital has been something fans have been wishing for.

The focus is no longer on the hospital as it once was, but now, it looks like that may be a possibility for the future.

Brook Kerr’s debut is still a few weeks away, but the next few days should give viewers an idea of where she will fit in.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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