General Hospital casting rumors: Emme Rylan and William deVry out?

General Hospital rumors say William deVry and Emme Rylan have been fired.
There may be a lot of changes coming to General Hospital in the next few months. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Carrie-Nelson and Admedia

General Hospital casting rumors are heating up with the news that Emme Rylan (Lulu) and William deVry (Julian Jerome) are out.

It is a casting shocker for sure since both stars are embroiled in storylines that are exploding or about to explode.

Daytime Confidential is reporting William and Emme have been given their walking papers. The website claims to have an insider that has confirmed the news and that their firing is just the beginning of backstage changes.

Yes, GH fans, the show could very well be headed for a blood bath.

What does Emme’s firing mean for Lulu?

There is no doubt the possible firing of Emme Rylan is shocking. Lulu’s ex-husband, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), just resurfaced in Port Charles as she was taking her current romance with Dustin (Mark Lawson) to the next level.

The ABC soap opera was clearly setting the stage for a love triangle, which would give the show months of material. Lulu stills loves Dante. He is the greatest love of her life, however, Dante hurt her deeply.

Dustin is the man who helped mend Lulu’s broken heart. She isn’t going to simply walk away from him because Dante has come back.

Emme joined GH in 2013, taking over the role of Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura’s (Genie Francis) spit-fire daughter from Julie Marie Berman. She had instant chemistry with Dominic, making Dante and Lulu a fan-favorite couple.

What does William’s firing mean for Julian?

Just as fans were given a glimmer of hope that Julian and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) could soon reconcile, news William was fired broke. It was kind of a big tease for Julexis fans.

Julian has been treading on thin ice for a while. It has to come out soon that Julian helped Brad (Parry Shen) keep Wiley’s paternity a secret. Now with Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) in possession of Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) letter revealing all of Julian’s dirty deeds, it could mean his time is up.

Perhaps General Hospital is setting the stage for a good-old-fashioned whodunit murder mystery. There is certainly a slew of people who would want Julian dead. Plus, with Alexis hitting the bottle again, she would be suspect number one.

General Hospital brought William in as Julian Jerome in 2013. The charter was pivotal for a while as Alexis’ love interest, Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) enemy, and Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) father. However, over the last few years, Julian has taken a backseat.

Port Charles may be losing one beloved resident and one not so beloved resident if it turns out William deVry and Emme Rylan have indeed been fired.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Cathy Ruda
Cathy Ruda
3 years ago

Don’t take lulu away. You just gave her a good story line.

3 years ago

I don’t want either of them to leave!