Does Hope marry Thomas on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Annika Noelle and Henry Joseph Samiri as Hope and Douglas on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Hope has a plan and it doesn’t include marrying Thomas. Pic credit: CBS

In the days leading up to The Bold and the Beautiful wedding, viewers were wondering if Hope (Annika Noelle) would marry Thomas (Matthew Atkinson).

He has worked so hard to pressure Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) into guilting Hope, there was concern that she would fold just for his sake.

Thomas asked Zoe (Kiara Barnes) to marry him in hopes that the woman he wants would step forward and take one for the team.

Does Hope marry Thomas?

Just before the wedding between Zoe and Thomas was to take place, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) asked Liam (Scott Clifton) if he believes Hope would marry Thomas.

The two have concerns about how devoted she is to Douglas.

The easy manipulation of Hope has caused many people to worry about her. This back and forth with Thomas has lasted for what feels like an eternity.

She married him after believing baby Beth was dead, only to find out he was hiding the truth from her and using Douglas as a tool against her.

When Hope ended up in a wedding dress with Douglas at the end of The Bold and the Beautiful today, everyone was wondering if she is going to marry Thomas.

After finding out the truth about what happened between Liam and Steffy with their kiss, she is determined to make sure he pays for everything he has done.

Hope stuns in a wedding gown

After preparing for this, Hope is ready to give Thomas a dose of his own medicine. Changing into a wedding dress and coming down with Douglas was enough for the entire room to gasp.

Steffy and Liam are in on the plan. Hope marrying Thomas is not part of it, but the dress was needed as a prop. He has pressured Douglas into offering to step in for Zoe and this will allow him to believe his plan worked.

There was a reckoning promised, and it looks like Hope is delivering on it.

She is going to make sure everyone knows that Thomas has not changed and is still using his son in a manipulative way. Hope will not marry him at all, but she will expose him in front of his family and Zoe.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out how Hope’s plan plays out, and see Thomas lose his mind as he is beaten at his own game.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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