Days of our Lives star Camila Banus announces exit: When is her last air date as Gabi Hernandez?

Camila Banus as Gabi Hernandez on Days.
Camila has left Days after 13 years on the show. Pic credit: Peacock

Days of our Lives beauty Camila Banus has shocked fans by announcing that she has exited the hit Peacock soap opera.

Camila has played bad girl Gabi Hernandez on Days for 13 years.

The character has been through the wringer and put several Salemites through the wringer.

This isn’t the first time Camila has revealed she’s leaving the hit daytime drama.

Back in 2020, Camila decided to take a break from the show, but then the coronavirus pandemic hit, and she opted to return to Days of our Lives.

Now she’s saying goodbye again to Gabi, and it sounds like this exit will stick, at least for a while.

Camila Banus announces Days of our Lives exit

In an interview with The Wrap, Camila revealed she has officially wrapped up her run as Gabi, filming her final scenes as Gabi on Friday, April 28. The actress revealed that all the changes at the hit show made her realize it was time for her to start the next chapter in her life.

“My husband and I are trying to start a family, hopefully,” she expressed. “And that’s another big factor in possibly just slowing down for a little bit and seeing kind of where this time takes me. But I’m also open to other opportunities and ready for big things. I’m just ready for something different.”

Despite being ready for the next chapter, Camila did try to work it out to stay on the show while also giving her what she needed personally. Unfortunately, that was not accommodated, and Camila made the hard decision to exit the hit soap opera.

Camila cried after her final day on set, grateful for the past 13 years and the family she created at Days. The actress also shared a message to fans via The Wrap.

“I wanna say a deep, deep thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that’s loved Gabi the way that I have,” Camila shared.

As for what’s next, she hopes to keep cultivating new characters and would like to show off her comedic skills more. Camila isn’t sure what the future holds, but she’s excited about what comes next.

When is Camila’s final air date as Gabi on Days?

Although Camila has wrapped her run, her final air date as Gabi won’t be until later this year. Days of our Lives’ vast shooting schedule means the show films episodes about six months in advance.

That means Days fans will get to enjoy Gabi and Stefan (Brandon Barash), at least for a little while. There’s a chance the character could be recast, but if that happens, it likely won’t happen right away, so look for Gabi to leave Salem along with her portrayer.

Camila Baus has exited Days of our Lives as Gabi Hernandez. However, as fans know, actors and actresses come and go on the soap opera, which means she could always come back.

What do you think about Camila leaving?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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Margie Robertson
Margie Robertson
1 month ago

Will miss Gabi for sure.

1 month ago

Very sad to see her go I really liked Gabi

1 month ago

Terrible news! She is my favorite on the show!!

1 month ago

I am happy she is leaving. Her high pitch wining drives me up a wall. Gets on your nerves. Bye Camila.
Good Luck on your career. Feel she will return when nothing materializes.

1 month ago

Glad she is leaving. Her wining voice got on my nerves.