Days of our Lives spoilers: Is Eve leaving Salem?

Kassie DePaiva as Eve on Days of our Lives.
Eve is about to be confronted with her misdeeds. Pic credit: NBC

August sweeps are just around the corner, and it’s not hard to see that Days of our Lives may be about to lose one very erratic vixen if the writing on the wall is any indication. Eve (Kassie DePaiva) has been fanning the flames of destruction ever since her return to Salem.

Her latest stunt, combined with the fact that her amnesiac husband is about to get his memories back, could spell doom for the misguided character.

Eve’s latest return was unbelievably vile. She tracked down a presumed-dead Jack (Matthew Ashford), then hooked up with him to make her arch enemy jealous. It worked as Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), Jack’s ex is wringing her hands over the fact he doesn’t remember her or their family.

Besides rubbing Jenn’s nose in her conquering of Jack, Eve has been blatantly evil lately, and that’s saying a lot given her track record.

First, she went all out to railroad Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) into a false charge of setting a dangerous fire. She has a reason to dislike him, he murdered her daughter. But, she is abusing her power as commissioner to see him become a victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Second, she went in with Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) in an effort to frame Ben. The only problem is that Claire was the real fire setter. Claire is about to be exposed, and the truth is about to come out that Eve knew this sordid fact all along but did nothing about it.

This will earn her the scorn of the townsfolk who already despise her, but it also implicates her in a crime. Can she possibly stick around Salem when everything comes crashing down around her?

On top of her crimes, Jack is actively looking to regain his memories despite telling Eve he has no desire to do so.

Is the writing on the wall that Eve is about to take a fall?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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