Days of our Lives baby switch: Will Nicole get her son back before Arianne Zucker leaves the show?

Arianne Zucker as Nicole Walker DiMera on Days
Arianne’s impending exit has fans wondering about a hot storyline. Pic credit: Peacock

Days of our Lives star Arianne Zucker is leaving the hit Peacock soap, and it has fans wondering about the baby switch storyline.

The drama going on backstage at Days has become even more intense than what’s happening in Salem right now.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Arianne is out as Nicole Walker after playing the character for over two decades.

The news comes amid Arianne’s lawsuit against Corday Productions Inc., executive producer Ken Corday, and former executive producer Albert Alarr for several allegations, including sexual harassment.

Nicole just reappeared on-screen after a brief hiatus with Holly (Ashley Puzemis) in Italy.

As the countdown is on to Arianne’s last episode as Nicole, Days of our Lives fans are left wondering what that means for the baby switch storyline.

Will Nicole get her son back on Days of our Lives before Arianne Zucker leaves the show?

There’s no question that not having Arianne playing Nicole when the character learns that Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) stole her son with help from Melinda (Tina Huang) would be a massive letdown for fans.

However, soaps, especially Days, tend to drag out baby switch stories for years.

That might not be the case with Nicole’s son, though, thanks to Arianne’s exit. The actress will be on-screen until this summer because of the advanced filming schedule of the hit Peacock soap.

Sloan has done a 180 about motherhood in the last couple of weeks, becoming jealous that baby Jude takes Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) attention away from her. It seems Sloan’s change of heart may lead to the truth about Jude coming out.

According to SoapHub, Arianne did film the scenes where Nicole finds out that Jude is not only her son but Eric’s as well. Ericole fans will get to see Nicole and Eric learn the truth, which is music to our ears.

Having a recast or keeping the story going longer would have been a real disappointment to those of us who have watched and rooted for Ericole all these years.

Other loose ends Days needs to wrap up before Ariane Zucker’s exit as Nicole Walker

The truth about Holly and her drug overdose needs to come out before Nicole goes MIA. Days of our Lives preview revealed Holly wakes up this week, and that’s a great start.

Holly will need her mom as she navigates everything that happened, including Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) being blamed for giving her the drugs. Since it’s still months before Arianne leaves, the powers that be have time to tie up this loose end properly.

Once that’s done, the only question remains: Will Eric and Holly also leave Salem when Nicole does?

Well, presuming Nicole leaves on her own accord and isn’t in some coma, like Bo (Peter Reckell), or kidnapped like Sami (Alison Sweeney) was a few years ago.

Be sure to tune in to find witness Nicole get her soon back and how Days explains Arianne’s exit.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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RoseMarie Comeau
RoseMarie Comeau
1 month ago

Big mistake having Arianne leave the show.. She is a delight to everyone who watches including me..One of her biggest fans..

1 month ago

Disappointing Huge mistake love Ej and Nicole Bring her back . Huge Nicole fan

Jake Greene
Jake Greene
1 month ago

What a tragedy kicking Ari Zucker to the curb. Shame on Ken Corday. He should relinquish himself at the helm and give the reins to somebody who will preserve the intregiry and credibility of Ted and Betty Corday’s legacy. And with any luck hire a good, respectable, and credible head writer.

9 days ago

I I’ve watched Days since Day 1, and if they take Nicole off, I’m done, especially for the reason. I will never watch it again.