Days of our Lives sexual harassment lawsuit: Here’s what Arianne Zucker alleges happened behind the scenes

Arianne Zucker at the 2018 Emmys
Arianne Zucker filed a lawsuit after her contract expired. Pic credit: ©

Arianne Zucker, who plays Nicole Walker on Days of our Lives, has filed a lawsuit against the production company behind the hit daytime drama over a string of allegations, including sexual harassment.

Corday Productions Inc., executive producer Ken Corday, and former executive producer Albert Alarr are all named in the lawsuit for which Arianne asks for “unspecified damages.”

According to TMZ, Arianne claims she and other female employees working for the hit soap were subjected to sexual harassment by Alarr.

She also claims she was subjected to non-consensual sexual touching during filming, alleging that Alarr would pull her close to his chest and moan sexually.

She also claims he would make comments to her co-stars while filming sexual scenes, saying he wished he was in their place, and that other women complained about Alarr to Corday Productions Inc., but nothing was done in response.

Arianne said that between March and June 2023, she met with Sony’s HR department to address the complaints. However, she says Alarr remained working on Days of our Lives, which left Arianne feeling “violated and intimidated.”

The lawsuit makes allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, negligent hiring and supervision, and wrongful termination.

Albert Alarr was fired from Days of our Lives in August 2023

At the beginning of August 2023, Albert Alarr was let go from Days of our Lives after allegations of misconduct had sparked a nine-week investigation.

While the internal investigation was happening, Alarr continued serving in his role as executive producer, Deadline reported.

Alarr was fired just weeks after news about the investigation broke in July, a move which Arianne alleges was made to “save face.”

Arianne Zucker claims retaliation after her contract with Days of our Lives expired

Just weeks after Alarr was fired, it was time for Arianne to negotiate another contract with Days of our Lives.

She alleges she was given a “take it or leave it” offer, and Corday Productions Inc. wouldn’t negotiate the terms.

Arianne’s contract expired last month, which means her time filming the show is now over. She claims this amounted to her being fired.

Corday Productions and Alarr respond to allegations

Corday Productions Inc. and Albert Alarr were contacted by TMZ after news of the lawsuit broke.

A spokesman for Corday Productions, Inc. claimed that Arianne’s lawsuit is “without merit.” They said in a statement that she was offered a pay increase and a contract extension, and her counteroffer was rejected. “Rejecting Ms. Zucker’s counteroffer does not constitute retaliation,” they said.

On the subject of Alarr, the spokesperson said that complaints about his on-set behavior were “promptly investigated.” “Corday Productions fully cooperated with the impartial investigation and subsequently terminated Mr. Alarr,” they added.

Alarr’s attorney said, “As Albert said when Ms. Zucker first leveled these outrageous claims through the press last year, her baseless allegations were examined in a detailed and entirely independent investigation that lasted for two months. Dozens of individuals cooperated and every claim was thoroughly looked into. At the end of that process, the decision was made that Albert should continue in his role as Co-Executive Producer of Days of Our Lives.”

He also added, “As Ms. Zucker’s own lawsuit all but admits, at a time of industry-wide cutbacks, she was aggressively seeking a significant personal pay increase and additional influence on the show. Having failed in those attempts, she is now – again – trying to exploit vile stereotypes to denigrate and demean a Black man who was in a position of power.”

He added that Alarr and his team looked forward to sharing their side of the story and “putting an end to her offensive claims once and for all.”

Despite her contract expiring last month, Arianne will likely continue airing as Nicole Walker through the summer, as Days of our Lives typically films six months in advance.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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Glenna Elliott
Glenna Elliott
19 days ago

They will miss her her, EJ are great together I have watched Days for since decades when my mom watched them and I was a little girl sammis her Nichole walker

19 days ago

Producers are certainly causing SEXUAL HARRASSMENT of ALL women on DOOL. The outfits are pathetic and sleazy. Almost naked scenes of many actresses now wearing shirts as dresses and undressed as much as possible! The constant zooming in SLOWLY from behind and lingering to catch the females’ butts. On and on! Soap has become a cesspool of filth and skimpy clothes or shower sense are PATHIC! HOSTILE to watch let alone to be trying to act – more like a soft porno show and WHY taken off of NBC PRIME TV!

19 days ago

They should not fire Arianne its not her fault she was being sexually harassed its the perp that was doing it, he should have been fired long ago, renew her contract and give her a raise, nothing was being done until she brought the lawsuit to life, good you her for standing up for the others who were also being violated

19 days ago

This sucks!! She doesn’t deserve this treatment. Of course the man always wins