Blaze on General Hospital — Is she connected to Port Charles?

Jacqueline Grace Lopez as Blaze on General Hospital.
Could Blaze be Lila Rae on General Hospital? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital writers brought Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) on the scene as a more permanent fixture.

It looks like she will be a love interest for Kristina (Kate Mansi), which is long overdue after the mess they made with her and Parker (Ashley Jones).

However, she seemingly popped up out of nowhere, which isn’t true General Hospital style. No one randomly ends up in Port Charles without a connection, so where does Blaze fit in?

There are several speculations about who she could be or where she would fit in, especially given all of the other sudden pop-ups in Port Charles with characters tied to the five families or their enemies.

With Cyrus (Jeff Kober) on the loose, there’s no telling where the storylines are headed. We know there will be more action between him, Sonny (Maurice Benard), and Selina (Lydia Look).

Could Blaze be tied into the five families? After all, her connection with Kristina does heighten suspicions.

Could Blaze be Lila Rae?

General Hospital writers rarely stay true to ages, especially when incorporating children into the teen and young adult scene.

There is speculation that Blaze could be the daughter of Skye (Robin Christopher) and Lorenzo Alcazar (Ted King). Her name was Lila Rae, after Lila Quartermaine and Rae Cummings.

She has never been a part of the show, only being born on screen in 2006 and making a brief appearance in 2012.

Luke (Anthony Geary) used to call Skye Blaze, which is why there is some buzz around this character. It was because of her fiery red hair, and if Lila Rae wanted to return to Port Charles anonymously, using Blaze as her name was brilliant.

Blaze on Sonny’s island

While Sonny and Nina (Cynthia Watros) are off in Puerto Rico getting married, Blaze happens to land there too.

She explained it away, saying she was visiting her abuela, and Kristina didn’t seem too concerned.

However, some viewers have wondered whether she is using Kristina to get close to Sonny for a sinister reason. We hope not because it’s about time Sonny’s daughter gets a real romance.

But because Lorenzo Alcazar could be her father, we have to wonder if she is trying to avenge his death. Sonny was the one who killed him, so it makes sense she would cozy up to his daughter.

It will be interesting to see if Blaze turns out to be Lila Rae or if she is someone else entirely.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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