Are Bo and Hope leaving Days of our Lives?

Peter Reckell as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.
Is this the end for Hope and Bo on Days? Pic credit: Peacock

Days of our Lives has fans buzzing that Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) are leaving the Peacock soap opera after a recent episode.

After nearly a decade apart, Days finally reunited the supercouple when Hope discovered her beloved Bo wasn’t dead.

The reunion was far from happy as brainwashed Bo threatened to kill Hope.

Several flashbacks had Bo remembering his epic love story with his Fancy Face.

Just when it seemed like Hope’s love was going to bring back the real Bo, Shawn (Brandon Beemer) shot his father in an attempt to protect his mother.

The cliffhanger has Days of our Lives wondering if, after all of that, Bo will die, and Hope will go off somewhere to process the events.

Let’s take a look at what we know.

Are Bo and Hope leaving Days of our Lives?

Shooting Bo was the last thing Days fans expected to have happen, especially since his loved ones just found out he was alive. The good news is that Bo won’t die.

The writers wouldn’t reunite Hope and Bo, only to kill him off again. There would be no payoff for fans, and the backlash would be insane.

That doesn’t mean the supercouple will be sticking around or going back to Salem permanently. As Monsters and Critics previously shared, Peter and Kristian recently only signed on for a brief stint to wrap up the storyline that started on Beyond Salem Chapter 2.

They didn’t spill any details, but Kristian and Peter both hinted that the storyline wraps up in a way that leaves the door open for another brief return from Bo and Hope.

When is Hope and Bo’s final air date on Days?

May sweeps are on the horizon, with the pivotal month kicking off next week. Days of our Lives fans can expect Bo and Hope to sail off into the sunset during that time.

An official airdate has yet to be revealed, but Bo hasn’t been reunited with several of his loved ones yet. The latest promo teased a reunion between Bo and his children, Shawn and Ciara (Victoria Konefal).

Aside from his children, Bo still needs to reunite with Roman (Josh Taylor). The two brothers have a lot to hash out, especially since Bo killed Kate (Lauren Koslow). Or did he?

Perhaps Bo just wanted Megan (Miranda Wilson) to think he killed Kate, but he really has her stashed somewhere.

All of this means that Hope and Bo likely won’t be leaving Days until the end of the month. The hit daytime drama will no doubt want to capitalize on this story as long as possible during sweeps month.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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