Savannah Palacio from The Circle: Is she on Instagram?

Production still from The Circle.
Savannah Palacio was a contestant in The Circle Season 2. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s reality competition The Circle is back for its second season! The show is dropping new episodes weekly, leaving its audience on the edge of their seats, desperate to find out who is safe and who is eliminated as things heat up.

In the show, contestants curate a social media personality and compete against one another, using the exclusive social media platform, The Circle. This leaves room for tons of catfishing and drama. The last person standing wins a cash prize of $10,000.

Here’s everything you need to know about Savannah Palacio. Sadly, she was the second contestant to be eliminated, and fans didn’t get enough of her.

Who is Savannah Palacio? 

Palacio describes herself on Instagram as a digital creator and she identifies her passions as beauty, wellness, and lifestyle. But because of her biography on The Circle, fans weren’t sure if that was her full-time job as the Los Angeles influencer shared that she also crunches numbers as a Data Researcher. 

However, it appears that she has since quit. She wrote on her Instagram story that the job was “emotionally draining.” Palacio shared, “I graduated with a dual degree in Political Science and Journalism. Thought I wanted to get into Political PR or Journalism. Currently, I’m a full-time influencer.”

While thriving on Instagram and entertaining the masses on Netflix, Palacio is also active on YouTube and TikTok, where she posts vlogs, beauty tips, and comedic videos. 


some days I wanna wear makeup other days I barely wanna put mascara on. regardless, it’s always for me ❤️ #fyp #TEAMSAVANNAH

♬ Girls and gays – Mia Wells

Her YouTube channel was created back in 2018 and is currently sitting at 18.6K subscribers with 24 videos. Her description reads, “I’m Savannah but I sometimes go by Sav. I’m a Filipina Latina who can’t seem to put my camera down. Subscribe for vlogs and occasionally fashion and make up videos! Don’t forget to hit that bell so you know whenever I post new content!” 

Is she on Instagram? 

Yes! Savannah Palacio is very active on Instagram. Currently, she has 287K followers with 305 posts. On her account, she has a highlight where she answers fan questions about The Circle.

When she was asked if she’ll keep in touch with her past costars, she told her followers, “Definitely! Two were at my house last night for the premiere. I can’t say who but I’ll give deets when I’m allowed.”

Palacio uses Instagram to share her top-tier selfies, make-up routine, and workout tips. She also has a partnership with lovephilosophy, a skincare brand sold at Ulta.

While Palacio may no longer be on The Circle, fans have plenty of options to follow her in real life. She’s very active on all of her social media accounts, and, as shown by her interaction with fans on Instagram, she’s happy to be an influencer. 

As a plus, if anybody is looking for additional The Circle content to watch in between episode releases, Palacio has been posting tons of spoofs and comedy videos about the show on both her TikTok and Instagram.

The Circle is currently streaming on Netflix.

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