Sara Haines says she is ‘breaking up’ with The View co-hosts

Sara Haines on The View
Sara Haines on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Today on The View, Joy Behar, filling in for Whoopi Goldberg, brought up a cheating scenario shared on the internet.

Joy Behar shared that the story was from Reddit, a social media platform she had never heard of before.

Reddit users, however, have heard of Joy. Recently, users on that platform said that The View panel needs updating because they are out of touch.

The young man in the story was caught in a difficult situation and unsure what to do.

His future in-laws liked him and even gave him a key to their house. He stopped by with an errand and caught his girlfriend’s mother in a compromising position with another man.

Joy called this story a “plot out of a porn video.” The young man who walked in on his future mother-in-law was asked not to say anything. She explained to him that she was in a bad marriage, etc. Eventually, he told his girlfriend, igniting a family feud.

Joy asked the ladies, ‘Was he wrong to tell the girlfriend?’

This was a charged question for the ladies. Ana Navarro had sound advice for people having an affair, “You don’t give somebody a key to the house!”

Alyssa Farah Griffin thought he had to tell the girlfriend, or he would be “breaking trust with the girlfriend.”

Sara elaborated on the story a bit, explaining that the daughter stormed over to the house to confront the mother once she heard about it.

Sunny pipped in, saying, “You don’t get involved with people’s marriages.”

Joy agreed, saying, “Keep your mouth shut!’ Joy seemed to enjoy this segment. She has been accused of being bored on the show, but no one could say that today.

These opinions upset Sara. She was adamant that not saying anything could mean your marriage could end the same way.

Sara could not believe that cheating was no big deal to some of the ladies. This prompted Sara to tell the ladies, “I’m breaking up with all of you.”

The clip can be seen entirely on The View’s YouTube channel.

Sara Haines takes to Instagram to set the record straight with a fan

The ladies recently had a heated segment on the show about voters being pitted against each other. The ladies urged viewers to realize this is happening with mailings and targeted ads.

Then, a fan took Sara to task today over a misunderstanding. The user @hellcatt2.0 thought Sara told viewers to pick a third-party candidate during the election.

Sara posted a selfie with a caption implying the fall weather is turtleneck weather. She saw what the user accused her of and quickly set the record straight.

Sara Haines corrects a fan on Instagram
Sara and a fan post on social media. Pic credit: @hellcatt2.0/@sarahaines/Instagram

Sara was quick to clarify for everyone that she had not said that. She said, in part, “not this election due to the risk and that change takes a long time.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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