Sara Haines reveals her future baby plans

Sara Haines on The View
Sara Haines talks about her future baby plans. Pic credit: ABC

Sara Haines is always talking about her children. She has three children: two sons and a daughter. They are Caleb Joseph, Alec Richard, and Sandra Grace.

Recently, on The View, she told the ladies about her Thanksgiving trip with them to Walt Disney World. The little ones enjoyed it so much.

Sara had a good moment with Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi was waiting to hear how the trip went, and they laughed together over the stories.

Sara was so excited about this trip that she spoke to Brian Teta about it on the aftershow, which is their podcast.

Brian, the executive producer of The View, hosts The View: Behind the Table.

Sara spoke of that trip, her rescue dogs, and her incredibly “cringe-worthy” moment when she serenaded Dolly Parton with one of the singer’s songs.

The View co-host shares much of her life on the show and with fans on social media. Quite often, Sara will answer questions on Instagram.

Sara Haines answers an essential question on Instagram

Sara answered some questions from her fans via the temporary Instagram Stories feature. In a large black banner is the statement, “Let’s chat! Ask Me Anything!”

Fans can send in questions that Sara will choose from to answer. This time, an anonymous person asked about her hobbies. Sara listed reading, hot yoga, true crime podcasts, and something everyone loves, midday naps as her hobbies.

Another person asked Sara when she last was in her hometown of Newton, Iowa. She answered that it was in August. She goes there every summer to visit friends and family.

Another question was concerning The View and if there were any guests she would leave the table over and not interview. She emphatically said, “No. We have an opportunity to have more conversations at our table… not preemptively shut them down.”

The big question that she answered is of great interest to her fans.

A fan asked, “Do you and your husband want anymore kids?”

She answered, “Want? Yes, I would love another baby. Will we? No. We have as much on our plate as we can handle.” Three children are certainly a lot to handle; anyone can agree.

Sara Haines on Instagram
Sara Haines reveals baby news on Instagram. Pic credit: @sarahaines/Instagram

Jennifer Garner corrects Sara Haines over her cooking show

Jennifer Garner stopped by The View recently to talk about her new movie Family Switch, and Sara asked her about her cooking show.

Sara called it a “pretend cooking show” and asked about her worst kitchen disaster.
Jennifer has a channel on YouTube, and while the name of her show is Pretend Cooking Show, she felt the need to correct Sara over the slight.

Jennifer told Sara, “It is a real show, just a pretend cooking show.” It was gracious but still put Sara in her place.

The entire exchange can be seen in this clip from The View.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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