Sara Haines explains her anger after she and Sunny Hostin of The View are compared to Oprah

Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin on The View
Sara Haines reveals why she and Sunny Hostin got angry at being compared to Oprah. Pic credit: ABC

It seems that everyone, even talk show hosts like Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin, wants to be in an audience at a talk show for the experience.

The View recently did a segment on Wendy Williams and how she seems to be not interacting with her family because of the guardianship she has been placed under.

During a follow-up after that show on the podcast The View: Behind the Table, Brian Teta, The View’s executive producer, brought up Wendy Williams and the statement about her health that was released after their taped interview with her niece.

Sara Haines was on hand during the podcast to react to Wendy’s diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, which Today also reported on.

During this segment, Sara shared a time she and Sunny Hostin went to a live taping of The Wendy Williams Show early in their tenure as co-hosts on The View.

Sara recounted how angry she got at Brian Teta after a rebuke over the audacity they had to visit another show so prominently. This could be where the animosity between Sara and Brian comes from initially.

Brian compared Sara and Sunny to Oprah when he called them out over their behavior

Sara set the story up by telling listeners that she and Sunny wanted to see a taping of Wendy’s show. Sara looked up to Wendy, calling her “unapologetic.” This show was a few years ago when Sara was expecting her daughter, she remembered.

Brian couldn’t believe that Sara and Sunny, so early working for The View, would see another show and be on camera in the front row. Brian said he was not happy at all over it.

Brian explained that Oprah wouldn’t go and sit in the front row of The View, and they shouldn’t do the same with Wendy.

Sara explained they were so angry and couldn’t understand why Brian dressed them down after seeing another show.

Sara said, “We aren’t exactly Oprah… not Oprah level.” She then reiterated that they were so mad at Brian over it all.

Concern over Wendy Williams is still ongoing

Recently, The View invited Alex Finnie, Wendy’s niece, for an interview over the documentary looking into the whereabouts of Wendy titled Where is Wendy Williams?

Ever since Wendy’s show ended in June of 2022, public concern has been over her health and well-being. After the show aired, her diagnosis became public, but there are still questions over her care.

Her niece Alex explained that she has only occasionally spoken to Wendy over the telephone and wants to spend time with her beloved aunt.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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