Sara Haines slams The View’s producer during interview over his childlike behavior

Sara Haines at a random event.
Sara Haines had to chide Brian Teta because he was acting childish. Pic credit: ©

Sara Haines was recently on the aftershow podcast The View: Behind the Table.

Brian Teta, host and the executive producer of The View, often jokes that Sara is an afterthought, and today was no different.

He mentioned again that they only call on Sara to be a guest if no one else is available, setting the shady tone for this podcast.

Sara Haines, who happens to be a mom to three young children with her husband, Max Shifrin, started telling Brian family anecdotes that mainly involved projectile vomiting and other accidents.

So Sara was in “mom” mode during the whole interview, and when Brian was rude to her, she immediately shut it down as only a mother could.

Sara was mid-sentence in a long story about sibling dynamics when she abruptly stopped speaking.

Sara stopped the podcast recording to call out Brian Teta

Sara explained to the audience that she was staring at Brian during this story since it was an audio podcast.

Sara had just started to say, “But I’m doing it so that someone always feels like someone loves them enough…”

Then Sara couldn’t believe what she saw from Brian and said, “Did you just roll your eyes at me?”

Brian snidely said, “I’m just having fun with the medium.”

This caused Sara to shriek, “He literally just rolled his eyes like a four-year-old!”

Leave it to Sara to put Brian in his place when he is acting like a child.

Sara told the story of how she pranked Joy Behar

During the podcast, Sara told a juicy story of how she pranked Joy. It was so rare that Joy got pranked on The View that Brian mentioned how much he loved to “poke the bear” and never poked “that bear.”

Someone had told Sara that Joy gets claustrophobic, giving Sara the idea to set Joy up in a confining wind booth. She even had someone phone Joy, telling her that the “door gets stuck,” frightening poor Joy.

Sara told Brian that she wasn’t “expecting the anger” Joy showed in her reaction to that situation.

Sara explained the guilt she felt afterward. Even though it was fun watching Joy panic, she was still a new employee. Sara seems to have learned a lesson during that joke that went so wrong.

Knowing this, it makes more sense why Joy teased Sara about needing therapy. Joy looked at Sara one day on the show and said she knew Sara had to have a therapist.

Joy still must have animosity over the prank Sara did that went so wrong.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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