Room 104 episode Boris is a haunting look at a Croatian tortured by his past

Konstantin Lavysh
Boris is tortured by memories of his Croatian past, which he can’t forget, on Room 104

On tonight’s Room 104 episode on HBO, the show’s humble motel room accommodates an ageing tennis star whose traumatic past sets his mind alight with torment and regret.

In Boris, Episode 9 of the 12-part anthology series, we meet the titular character, a tennis player (played by Konstantin Lavysh) whose recollections of the Croatian massacre are strangely juxtaposed with his obsession over a Santa Claus suit he found left behind in the room.

Except there is a slight problem.

The suit needs to be returned to the previous guest and the maid sent to do the deed is swept up into the psychosis and breakdown of Boris, who refuses to give it up.

The housekeeper (Veronica Falcon) is drawn to Boris.  His pain and suffering resonate with her, and an attraction of some sort takes place between the two parties.

Actor Biff Wiff, who has previously had roles in Westworld and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, also stars in this episode.

Room 104 was renewed last month by HBO for a second season.

The compelling modern anthology series from Jay and Mark Duplass has the simple premise of using a single room in a nondescript American chain motel for every episode.

It acts as a fertile setting to whipsaw the viewer with haunting and memorable moments rife with endless possibilities. Each episode is unpredictable.

The series is incredibly written and acted with varying scenes from horror and comedy to poignant drama featuring everyday people.

Season 1 directors include Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Patrick Brice, Marta Cunningham, Doug Emmett, Megan Griffiths, Dayna Hanson, Chad Hartigan, Ross Partridge, Sarah Adina Smith and So Yong Kim.

Our interview with director Megan Griffiths will air ahead of her next episode titled The Fight (October 6).

She previously directed The Missionaries, which featured lead actor Adam Foster who spoke to us about his breakthrough role.

Room 104 airs Fridays at 11.30pm Eastern on HBO. Don’t miss our interview with director Megan Griffiths about her other episode, The Fight, which we will publish ahead of it airing on October 6, 2017.

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