Room 104 Season 4 review: Does HBO series end on a high note?

For three seasons, Room 104 created some of the most captivating and unusual episodes on any television series. What made this HBO series so unique is that it didn’t pigeonhole itself into a genre, but approached each episode with the intent of making it like nothing you had seen before on the show. From horror

Room 104 episode Boris is a haunting look at a Croatian tortured by his past

On tonight’s Room 104 episode on HBO, the show’s humble motel room accommodates an ageing tennis star whose traumatic past sets his mind alight with torment and regret. In Boris, Episode 9 of the 12-part anthology series, we meet the titular character, a tennis player (played by Konstantin Lavysh) whose recollections of the Croatian massacre

Room 104 exclusive: Adam Foster on his breakout role in The Missionaries episode

On tonight’s episode of HBO’s Room 104, the Duplass brothers’ critically acclaimed series on HBO, we meet The Missionaries inside the motel room where anything can and does happen. Actor Nat Wolff is cast as Joseph and newcomer Adam Foster is cast as Noah, two Mormon missionaries who go through a startling journey of self-discovery,

Room 104 review: HBO’s premiere episode Ralphie was a chilling and brilliant start

The filmmakers behind Room 104 on HBO, the Duplass brothers, worked under one rule — every episode must take place entirely in the same room of an ordinary American chain motel. This simple premise sets up a breathtaking and profound anthology that whipsaws us from horror to drama, awkward comedy, and riotous moments while always