Ripley ending explained: The Netflix thriller teases Season 2

Andrew Scott in Ripley
Andrew Scott shines as Tom Ripley in the Netflix series, Ripley. Pic credit: Netflix

In a riveting conclusion, the final episode of Netflix’s latest series, Ripley, left audiences grappling with uncertainty and anticipation. 

As viewers attempt to decipher the aftermath of Tom Ripley’s enigmatic schemes, questions regarding the fate of the notorious and debonair criminal pop up.

Adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s acclaimed novels, Ripley chronicles the exploits of the charismatic yet sinister Tom Ripley, portrayed by Andrew Scott. 

With a potential wealth of material from Highsmith’s five-book series, the show holds promise for multiple seasons.

The series is a hit for Netflix but is yet to get the green light for Season 2. 

Set against the backdrop of Italy, viewers see Tom embroiled in a web of deceit and murder. 

Netflix’s Ripley ending explained

Initially tasked with persuading the affluent Dickie Greenleaf (Johnny Flynn) to return home, Tom’s scheme takes a darker turn as he assumes Dickie’s identity after killing him.

Even the heartfelt letter sent to Dickie’s girlfriend, Marge (Dakota Fanning), doesn’t soften the blow of his disappearance. Matters escalate further with the murder of a nosy acquaintance, Freddie Miles (Eliot Sumner).

The true extent of Tom Ripley’s intricate ruse is finally laid bare, leaving viewers stunned and spellbound. 

In a pivotal scene, as described on Radio Times, Marge Sherwood uncovers a damning piece of evidence: Dickie’s signet ring nestled among Tom’s belongings. Yet, her misplaced trust in Tom’s fabricated narrative blinds her to the truth, further cementing Tom’s facade of innocence.

As suspicion wanes, Tom’s ascent to luxury is sealed, bolstered by his nefarious connections to criminal art dealer Reeves Minot (John Malkovich). With a fake passport in hand and a Picasso painting as his calling card, Tom embarks on a new chapter under the guise of Timothy Fanshaw, leaving behind the remnants of his sordid past.

However, in a chilling denouement, Inspector Ravini receives an unexpected gift: Marge’s photographic book on Atrani, dedicated to the real Dickie Greenleaf. A shocking revelation dawns upon Ravini as he realizes the extent of Tom’s deception.

As the curtain falls on Ripley’s mesmerizing finale, the stage is set for an electrifying continuation, with Tom Ripley poised to outmaneuver even the most astute of adversaries in his relentless pursuit of power and prestige.

Will Ripley return for Season 2?

In an exclusive interview with Collider, Steven Zaillian, the mastermind behind Netflix’s gripping series Ripley, delved into the prospect of a potential second season, shedding light on the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead.

Zaillian expressed a blend of caution and enthusiasm when questioned about the likelihood of a follow-up season. Reflecting on the arduous five-year journey to bring the current season to fruition, he acknowledged the logistical complexities that could influence future endeavors. However, Zaillian’s confidence in the boundless depth of Tom Ripley’s character remained unwavering.

Despite the daunting prospect of embarking on another demanding production cycle, Zaillian affirmed his openness to the possibility of making further episodes, contingent on favorable circumstances.

In a decisive moment, Zaillian affirmed, “Given the right circumstances, yes,” signaling his willingness to explore additional chapters. With Zaillian’s cautious optimism and the enduring allure of Tom Ripley’s enigmatic persona, fans may yet find themselves immersed in many more episodes on Netflix. 

Ripley is currently streaming on Netflix.

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