Netflix’s serial killer series, Ripley unites critics and fans in consensus

Andrew Scott in Ripley
Andrew Scott stars as Tom Ripley in Netflix series Ripley. Pic credit:@Netflix/Youtube

Andrew Scott’s latest venture, the Netflix series Ripley, has made a striking debut with a similar rating among both critics and viewers. 

Based on Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 novel The Talented Mr. Ripley, the monochrome series unfolds the tale of conman and serial killer Tom Ripley, portrayed by Scott, as he orchestrates schemes for wealth in 1960s Italy. 

Along with Scott as Ripley, the cast of the series include Johnny Flynn as Dickie Greenleaf and Dakota Fanning as Marge Sherwood.

Scott gained prominence for his roles in Fleabag and BBC’s “Sherlock,” notably as Jim Moriarty. 

His portrayal in the 2023 drama All of Us Strangers earned him widespread acclaim.

Now Scott appears to have another hit with the Netflix series Ripley.

Ripley score a high Rotten Tomatoes rating with audience and critics

Premiering on the streaming platform on April 4, the eight-episode series has garnered reviews, currently boasting an impressive 86% approval rating from critics based on 79 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. With the audience scoring, the series received an 82% approval rating.  

Critics laud Scott’s portrayal for its depth, alongside praising the series’ captivating cinematography.

Ripley was described as having the “most breathtaking photography the small screen has to offer” in a review by The Hollywood Reporter.

A review by The Guardian noted, “With those who find it initially slow, or the relentless monochrome beauty slightly exhausting or pretentious, I understand entirely. But stick with it; allow yourself to yield to both and let Ripley seduce you. There is magic at work here.”

Scott opens up about channeling Tom Ripley’s complex character in Netflix’s adaptation

In an exclusive interview with Variety, actor Scott delves into the intricate layers of his role as Ripley in the Netflix series.

Portraying the enigmatic Ripley, Scott reveals the challenges of embodying a character with multifaceted dimensions. “He’s an outsider, and he’s somebody who’s quite downtrodden and somebody who’s brilliantly talented who’s on the outskirts of society,” Scott shared.

Describing Ripley as a lonely and isolated figure navigating a world of entitlement and confidence, Scott emphasizes the humanity he sought to infuse into the character. “He’s not a natural-born killer. He’s not bloodthirsty,” Scott asserts, dispelling misconceptions about Ripley’s nature. “He’s invited into this world, he doesn’t seek it out. And then the darkness within him emerges.”

The actor also discussed Ripley’s role as a perceptive student of human behavior, likening it to his work as a performer. Scott illuminates the parallels between understanding character intricacies and the actor’s craft, emphasizing the importance of embracing this aspect as an artist.

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