Zach and Katie tried to explain why they went out for drinks but are Married at First Sight fans buying it?

Zach Justice and Katie Conrad went on a date
Katie and Zach tried to downplay their sneaky date. Pic credit: Lifetime

If Katie Conrad and Zach Justice weren’t hated enough by Married at First Sight fans, they did something that would cement their fate as the most hated cast members this season.

The Season 10 reunion revealed something that had viewers scratching their heads and seething with anger.

Katie, who was already in the hot seat at the reunion didn’t do much to put herself in a better light –after confessing to an affair with her ex while still married to Derek Sherman.

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As for Zach, after an inappropriate relationship with his wife Mindy Shiben’s close friend Lindsey and lying to her on several occasions, no one held him in high regard either.

However, the reunion shocker that really saw Katie and Zach on a new low was the revelation that the two went out on a date.

How did this even happen?

While there were many surprises at the Season 10 reunion, the biggest shocker came when host, Kevin Frazer said,
“I’ve been informed that two people on this stage from different marriages may have flirted with the idea of flirting with each other, and even went on a date.”

As the camera panned to the stunned faces of the cast members he asked,  “Do you guys want to tell us?”

As Zach looked around uncomfortably, Katie finally broke the silence proclaiming, “I got drinks with Zach.”

She added, “I think it was a couple weeks before Christmas, just to kind of talk about this whole experience.”

As Frazer looked a the two of them for an explanation Justice finally chimed in, “Yeah, we got together to talk about the show…you only have so many interactions with each other on camera.”

Although Justice claimed that he didn’t really remember who initiated the date, Katie claimed that it was the fitness instructor who suggested that they go out for drinks.

The mental health professional tried to convince us that she has no interest in Zach, saying, “I’m sorry, Zach, but we got drinks before things had aired. So after seeing what had gone down between Zach and Mindy, I feel for Mindy a lot more.”

Conrad added, “And obviously, you know you didn’t handle it very well. And that is something that I wouldn’t want as far as dating goes. I wouldn’t want to be involved with that.”

Justice seemed to share the same sentiment saying, “For me, I was already very removed from this whole situation from an emotional standpoint…and there was no motive here for me…I didn’t see it in the sense of, like, I had no dating motive here.”

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As the two shady characters tried to dig themselves out of the hole, viewers were buying none of it!

Married at First Sight Season 10 is officially over. The show is now on hiatus.

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