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Katie Conrad lashes out at Married at First Sight critics after Season 10 ends

Katie has a message for MAFs fans.
Katie has had enough of the MAFS critics coming at her. Pic credit: Lifetime

Katie Conrad is displeased with the Married at First Sight critics after her appearance in Season 10. Two days after the reunion show revealed she cheated on her husband, Derek Sherman, Katie is defending her actions.

It was not an easy ride for MAFS couple, Derek and Katie. They stayed together on Decision Day, but by the time the reunion show aired, they had filed for divorce. Katie has endured a lot of backlash for her actions during and since filming the hit Lifetime show.

Katie lashes out at Married at First Sight fans

Katie has a message for Married at First Sight fans who keep judging her for the way things played out on Season 10 of the hit reality TV show. She used Instagram Stories to pen a blunt, honest, and stern post to all the critics.

“To those of you who think you know me based on 2+ hours of TV a week, you do not. This was one of the hardest experiences I have ever had. Not only because of the difficulty of trying to make a marriage to a stranger work but because of how difficult it has been to present my true self,” she began her lengthy note.

Katie continues by letting people know she is not perfect, nor does she defend the things she during her time on the show.

“I have acknowledged mistakes. It may not have been shown, but I have. That being said, some things are kept private. Some things are twisted by others to benefit them. (three sides to every story) and some things can’t be understood unless you were there. I am not the person I look like on the show,” she expressed.

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The MAFS alum ended her message by thanking those who understand she is different from her TV persona. Katie also thanked fans that have shown her positivity and support while her story played out on screen.

Katie found marriage to Derek challenging

Along with standing up for herself, Katie also spilled how she felt during filming in an interview with In Touch Weekly. She explained that at times she felt like quitting the experiment.

However, Katie became determined to see it through and give it her all, but it was not easy. She claims the couple had different relationship needs. Plus, Derek’s personality did not mesh with Katie’s and vice versa.

As they worked on their marriage, it became clear to Katie that she and Derek were not a team. The realization added more conflict to their union. Her ex coming back into the picture didn’t help either.

Whatever Married at First Sight fans may think of Katie Conrad, she is here to say that people do not know her.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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  1. You have the nerve to call Derek FAKE. Look at the 1st episode when you read your vows and told him you would be there for his hopes and dreams. YOU are the fake. Among other things. You had the nerve to mention your EX before you were even married. I don’t know what counselor you are but if you give advice to run in to another room and slam the door instead of addressing your issues, you are a MORON! Your dad has to hide his face because his daughter turned out to be a HO on NATIONAL TV!

  2. You should have never been on MAFS since you said more then once that you were not over your EX! You didn’t go into the marriage open minded because you were still caring for your EX!! Derek is better off.

  3. wow, you were very arrogant and smug on the show. I’m glad you cleared that up for us that you are not that way. But I don”t know what kind of man you’re looking for, but I think you just don’t have a clue yourself.

  4. Katie from the beginning it was all about you. You, you, you and who was initiating sex! Marriage takes 2, it’s not easy and cannot be only about one person. Your actions on the show, outbursts, showed who you are. I’m married to a dreamer, 31 years married and if we didn’t have some crazy dreams life would be boring. Everyone needs dreams. You need to take some time to figure out yourself. Maybe some counseling of your own. I’m sorry Derek even tried to make it work. Your dad saw what was happening . He told you Derek was a nice guy and thought you were the issue. Think about that and grow and learn!!

  5. I can say with one million percent truth that if a camera followed me around and caught my actions and behaviors and how I treat people it would be ME ! So nice try, no one is buying it! I hope no one hires you, look for a different career path .

  6. katie people are just calling it as they see it. it has all been about you the whole time its funny how you hung all over him being a stranger you had no problem jumping in bed with him on the honeymoon and everytime you had a fight, im sure marrying someone you don’t know is hard but if you signed up for it you should have at least gave derek a chance or stopped it as soon as you didn’t feel anything for him witch I would say was from the beginning being married to a great guy isn’t for you marrage is equal and there is nothing equal about you it all katie, katie the cameras don’t lie the person we saw is the person you are .

  7. I never would have thought you’d do Derek like that. And sleep with your ex. The ex laughing at yo ass. He wins again. He stopped u from a great love with Derek , screwed u and dumped u again. U loose all the way around.

  8. No one is buying what you are trying to sell. You are a spoiled brat that is looking for someone to blow your back out, instead of a decent relationship. You confirmed that when you and Zach had a clandestine meeting. It’s clearly shown that you only care about you and only you. So happy Derek was smart enough to move on.

  9. Why did you really say yes on Decision day? Was it so you could have your time in Nashville? Have your cake and eat it too? Not to mention dumping on Derek while in Nashville that you cheated on him a week prior?

  10. Actions speak louder than words!! We saw you Katie, maybe you need to look in the mirror or better yet rewatch your episodes so you can see what we saw.

  11. Katie Conrad. What a waste of everyone’s time!! I would appreciate you much better if you apologized to Derek instead of your CONSTANT complaints of him. You were NOT in the marriage with an open mind! Your MAFS Marriage to Derek Sherman was obviously predisposed! You said to Dr. Cal and Derek you still had feelings for your ex and you would not know what to do if he asked you back. I have never watched you show an ounce of gratitude!!

  12. A cheating, lying, narcissistic, two-faced mental health “professional” calling sweet #Derek “crazy” and “fake” on Prime Time TV?
    She should lose her licence.
    #KatieConrad #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSightReunion #MarriedAtFirstSight #Katie

  13. We all know you didn’t want to say yes on decision day! You didn’t want to look bad but 2 weeks later you are not together!!?? Hold your head up high Derek as you will find real love soon. She won’t find love anytime soon with her crappy attitude! Let someone else put up with her constant nagging and whining!


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