Zac Clark puts all the attention on Tayshia Adams as she crosses the finish line in charity run

Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams
Zac Clark shows major support for Tayshia Adams. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Zac Clark is putting his woman first.

He proposed to Tayshia Adams on The Bachelorette finale and in an emotional speech, he won over Bachelor Nation.

Ever since their engagement, Tayshia and Zac have been together with family, exploring New York City and running a charity run.

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This weekend, Tayshia and Zac ran the 5K run in Central Park this weekend, which was the New York Road Runner’s Virtual Resolution Run.

And that’s when Zac did something really cute and adorable.

Zac Clark put all the attention on Tayshia Adams this weekend

As Tayshia was about to cross the finish line, Zac was running behind her, filming her. He let her cross the finish line before him, proudly documenting her big moment.

This moment was clearly “couple goals” for Bachelorette fans. And Zac proudly shared the video on social media.

“Athlete,” Zac wrote across the video of Tayshia running.

She reshared the video on her Instagram Stories, adding, “My hype man is 100. Not gonna lie I haven’t run since leaving for Bachelorette and on top of that, running in the cold is a totally different ballgame. Couldn’t feel my fingers for several hours after but we did it! You east coast runners are incredible.

Zac Clark
Pic credit: @tayshia/Instagram

If Tayshia is planning on staying in New York City with Zac, she’ll need to get used to running and exercising in the colder weather. She’s been living in Orange County, California with her family prior to her life in the spotlight.

Zac Clark has given few updates from his life with Tayshia Adams

Since The Bachelorette wrapped up, Zac has provided a few updates in regard to his life with Tayshia. They appear to have settled into their life in New York City nicely after the final proposal on the show.

While Tayshia is the more active of the two on social media, Zac has shared a few updates since they went public with their romance.

This weekend was no different. Zac revealed that Saturdays are no longer for the boys as he sat with Tayshia at a nail salon this past Saturday, waiting for her nails to dry.

The couple hasn’t revealed what their future plans are, including whether they are settling down in New York or planning on being bicoastal. Right now, they are just having fun and learning more about each other outside of The Bachelorette world.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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