Zac Clark on The Bachelorette: Learn more about his alcohol and drug past

Zac Clark
Zac Clark opens up about his alcohol and drug abuse. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Zac Clark got emotional and personal during tonight’s episode of the show.

During his one-on-one date with Tayshia Adams, he told her about his past issues with drugs and alcohol.

Zac revealed to her that things got very dark for him and that he got married – and then divorced – after his wife decided to leave him after a year.

And while The Bachelorette didn’t highlight all the details, Zac has shared his story before.

Zac Clark opens up about his drug and alcohol problems

Zac has been open about his problems prior to The Bachelorette, as he uses his experiences to help others in the same situation. There is an article online that talks about his experiences.

The article is from 2014 and published on the website, Reading Eagle.

Zac was married at the time and the article describes him as a college graduate. Apparently, he had some pain and he was seeing doctors at the hospital, but they ruled out his gall bladder as being the culprit of the pain. They also guessed it was dehydration.

However, Zac really wanted the doctors to remove his gall bladder, so he could get prescription drugs. Some heavy-duty painkillers.

“I feel for the doctors,” Zac revealed to a group of people, as he spoke out about his issues as outlined in the article. “We are just such good liars.”

At the time, Zac spoke at a forum arranged by Caron Treatment Centers, Alvernia and Berks County Probation Office, where he addressed the abuse of medicine – something he knew personally.

He shared that he spent four-and-a-half months in Berks at the Caron facility in South Heidelberg Township. However, he reveals that his internal struggles continued.

“Don’t let this suit fool you,” he said. “I am a degenerate alcoholic and drug addict.”

Zac explained that he started his battle with addiction when he was growing up. After having his first beer with older guys, he admits that it started over 15 years of lying.

He was drinking and smoking pot. He tried prescription medications after he found some at the house of someone who had died. He just joined others in popping pills.

“Because those meds hadn’t been disposed of, that was my introduction to that drug,” he said, as he explains he tried to cover his addiction with basketball.

He discovered he had a brain tumor, which was removed. That surgery allowed him to use Dilaudid, morphine, and other powerful drugs. He snorted and smoked OxyContin.

Zac explained that he “had an eight-month drug binge in which he shot heroin intravenously, smoked crack, and did ‘whippets’ – inhaling bursts of nitrous oxide for a brief high – ended with his arrest for possession of crack and driving while intoxicated,” as outlined by the article.

He highlighted some of these experiences on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette.

Zac Clark is supposedly the winner of The Bachelorette

Tayshia appeared to be very supportive and understanding of the fact that Zac had a troublesome past.

In fact, him being honest with her appears to have brought them closer together.

We’ve already reported that Zac is the reported winner of The Bachelorette. While Tayshia supposedly wanted Brendan Morais, he eliminates himself near the finale because he doesn’t see himself being in a relationship.

That’s when Tayshia picks Zac.

Tayshia reportedly spent Thanksgiving with her family members, as she shared Instagram Stories from her parents’ house. Zac was nowhere in sight.

Reality Steve has revealed that Tayshia and Zac’s relationship is supposedly rocky.

An update is expected on the After The Final Rose, which is expected to air when Tayshia’s season wraps up.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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