Yosef tried to teach Clare Crawley about values, but he was confronted two-timing a woman after the show

Yosef confronted Clare Crawley during tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Clare Crawley hosted a group date for the guys, where they had to play a game of dodgeball.

Clare made the game into strip dodgeball, where the guys had to drop a piece of clothing for every round they lost.

While most of the guys were okay with this move, Yosef was not.

And he wasn’t even on the date.

Apparently, he was so bothered by this group date that he decided to confront Clare about it.

Yosef made a big deal out of the strip dodgeball game

He told Clare that he was so appalled by her behavior, saying that he felt he was wasting his time being on The Bachelorette.

He also said that Clare would never be a good example for his daughter and he did not want to have kids with her.

Immediately, Clare sent him home and she broke down in tears.

Reality Steve went on Twitter as the episode was airing, explaining that the guys were okay with the game.

“The fact that he’s taking it out on Clare and doesn’t realize he’s on a TV show is embarrassing.”

Reality Steve
Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

We already know that the strip dodgeball was an idea that production pushed on Clare, not something that Clare herself came up with. So, the fact that she’s getting slammed for it seems completely wrong.

Reality Steve previously revealed that Yosef set a bad example for his daughter on the show.

Yosef was exposed as two-timing a woman

Interestingly, Yosef slammed Clare for not setting a good example for his daughter on The Bachelorette. But when he got home, one could argue that he didn’t set a good example for his daughter in terms of how men should treat women.

It was last week that we reported that Yosef had been exposed by a woman on Tik Tok. She claimed that they had hung out, things had been tense, and when she tried to get answers, he accidentally sent her a nude photo of his privates.

When he tried to delete it, she acknowledged that she had already seen it. The timing of the video hinted that perhaps he had been talking to several women at once, two-timing this woman who argued that they had been talking about a future together.

If they do host an After The Final Rose special for Clare, this would be an important thing to address.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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